Everybody realizes that the ideal joint starts with the best weed. The prime weed for a doobie isn’t just dictated by strain (even though that does play an enormous factor), yet did you know it’s in reality quite simple to demolish the trichomes of a bud by pulling it separated with your fingers?

The trichomes are what get you high, so you certainly need to abstain from pulverizing these THC filled mixes however much as could reasonably be expected. This is the place a processor proves to be useful.

Not exclusively completes a processor rapidly and effectively prep your weed for pressing in a bowl or moving up, it additionally protects the THC precious stones inside the bloom, ensuring that the high you get is as strong as would be prudent.

The best part is that well-ground herb causes a joint to consume much slower and at an even pace, with the goal that your ganja isn’t squandered while you attempt to keep your reefer lit.

There are different sorts of processors available, which can get somewhat confounding fortunately here at Super Natural Botanicals we’ve inquired about them all, to furnish you with as much data as we can so you can settle on an astute and educated choice.

The Simple Two-Part Grinder

These handy gadgets are developed of two sections that overlay together to frame one processor unit. Inside each segment are little, sharp teeth, utilized for hacking and breaking separated the bud as you curve the instrument with your hands.

Place a medium measured blossom into the two sections, turn with your hands and watch as the last item gives you the ideal crush for that fat, prepared to smoke joint.

The magnificence of this straightforward gadget is how it is customized to a broad scope of weed smokers. Accessible in wood, plastic, and meal plans, 2 section processors can be purchased at various costs, including somewhere in the range of $5-$45 by and large.

Here at Super Natural Botanicals, we lean toward metal processors for the solidness and dependable nature of this material.

In case you’re an easygoing smoker and don’t generally require anything excessively extravagant, yet at the same time need something that’ll work, the two-section processor is undoubtedly the best approach.

The Slightly More Complex 4-Part Grinder:

A 4-section processor works primarily in the same way from a 2-section processor, except the structure is marginally progressively perplexing, offering some extra highlights, for example, a kief catcher (a.k.a. Dust catcher).

This convenient little extra enables you to gather those valuable and high-actuating particles of dust, that ordinarily get squandered when you granulate your weed. A mystery is waving around the weed lovers that can weed expire?

Toss this dust into your joint, or finish your bowl off with it (think about this dust as the sprinkles on frozen yogurt). Also, a helpful holding chamber enables you to crush effortlessly and promptly apportion your drug onto a folding paper or into some empty glass.

These four piece gadgets are regularly more costly than their two-piece partners, yet not by an immense sum. Ordinarily, public plans are developed from metal and every so often wood, yet infrequently plastic. This processor is perfect for chronic smokers, who are endeavoring to take advantage of their ganja.

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