The term edible is food infused with marijuana, and it does not have to be a specific type. Consuming cannabis edibles often result in drastic outcomes and may not be suitable for everybody. Here we will look at several points you may wish to consider when looking at edibles and their effects on the human body. We will cover the legality of recreational marijuana use, too, particularly in context with edibles.

Several states in the United States made recreational marijuana legal, including California, New York, and Maine. Although, it is crucial to note recreational marijuana is permitted only in specific states. Regardless, sales of edibles are at an all-time high. A 2019 poll reveals that 12% of Americans actively use marijuana. Further, a different survey shows edible sales in the US had a 2021 evaluation of approximately $3.6 billion. 

Dosage Guidelines  

An excellent point to consider when looking at edibles is dosage guidelines. Edibles have a significant influence on one’s body. Edibles also come in many different forms. As such, it is vital to understand the recommended dosage for edibles. 

Tolerance and Starting Small 

Everyone reacts differently to different stimulants. For those new to edibles, it is ideal to start small. So, this means the amount consumed should be relatively insignificant, as it helps to reduce the risk of harmful side effects. 

Be In a Safe Place And Read Labels 

For those new to edibles, ensure to consume them in a safe, secure environment. Moreover, you should thoroughly read all information and ingredients printed on the product. Reputable, dependable, and legal sellers of edibles have strict procedures and guidelines for testing potency. 

Research The Legality Of Recreational Marijuana In Your State 

You must understand that recreational marijuana is still federally illegal in the US. Even though it is legal in a few states, it is illegal in many others. Ensure you are always up-to-date with laws and regulations for recreational marijuana and edibles in your area. 

Understand The Risks And Physical Effects

Edibles come with risks that can alter your body. Before legally purchasing edibles for recreational use, you must research the effects and symptoms of items you consider buying. Common symptoms of the consumption of recreational marijuana can include a feeling of relaxation and enhanced senses. Some people experience dizziness and issues with balance, as well. 

Always Be Aware Of How You Source Edibles 

Edibles must be sourced legally from manufacturers and brands that are trustworthy and dependable. Due to the size of the cannabis industry, plenty of brands compete with each other. Therefore, it can be pretty tricky to choose between them. Nonetheless, reputable edible sellers are transparent with their information and well-regarded. 

Know That Edibles Have Expiration Dates 

Since edibles are food, they naturally have expiration dates. The date differs depending on the type of food and how it is stored. Edibles with preservatives, just like with food, tend to last longer, in general. Products that need refrigeration have shorter lives and last for about a week when stored properly. Such items can include drinks or sauces. On the other hand, brownies, cookies, cakes, and other related edibles are more durable. The first step is to check the best-by date on the product, and after to check its expiration date, the date at which point it is no longer safe to consume, to ensure it did not go bad yet. 


In general, there are several things to consider when looking at the use of recreational marijuana. The most critical points are the legality of marijuana in your state and the side effects. Before ever considering the use of edibles, it is vital that you know and understands how they work and the potential impacts of their consumption. As such, you should conduct thorough and detailed research on the topic to be entirely sure.

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