Pain reliever medicines that are commonly available in supermarkets and retail shops (such as ibuprofen) are an example of a traditional method for recovery. It is quite common for athletes to get addicted to such pain medications. And any athlete knows and understands how that addiction can be dangerous for not only their personal and mental health but can also harm their body.

Advantages of CBD Oil for Athletes

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation may be beneficial for athletes, but only to a certain extent. There is a risk of inflammation, which hurts the performance of athletes and also delays recovery. It can be a severe problem for athletes who need to be on their top game at all times. And this is where CBD oil helps; it diminishes inflammation and avoids the risks that come with high inflammation highlighted above. Furthermore, it also helps in settling gut problems. However, it must be noted that it is not useful for issues such as dehydration and overheating.

Results in Relaxation and better Sleep

Every athlete understands the importance of good sleep. Better sleep quality can result in good performances and also productive workouts and training sessions. CBD helps athletes in this aspect, too, by slowing down brain activity and making them calmer. It encourages sleep allowing athletes to have a good rest.

Alternative to Dangerous Conventional Methods

As highlighted before, traditional pain-relieving methods can be dangerous for many reasons but can be a cause of a lot of worry and stress for athletes, especially. NSAIDs example is naproxen sodium, not recommended to athletes. They can result in renal damage and on a long term basis, can cause heart attacks and strokes.

Canada CBD oil is a suitable replacement for such methods, as it does not carry the risks that these do. It is not extremely useful with intense pain and high-intensity training. It is sufficient to an extent, especially on a long term basis. CBD can be taken in conjunction with some other medication or even alone.

Reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

To every athlete, workout sessions and training are essential concerning the nature of their profession. And this is where CBD is hugely advantageous. It allows athletes to have rigorous and intense exercises while at the same time, ensuring the human body is not too sore and helps in building strong muscles.

Reduces Pain

The critical reason that athletes take it in the first place is the fact that CBD oil minimizes the pain that every athlete goes through considering the strain and the physical ordeal. CBD is extracted from cannabis, and it is common knowledge that cannabis is extremely useful in its results when it comes to recovery and pain management.

Disadvantages of CBD Oil for Athletes

While the advantages certainly encourage one to buy CBD, we cannot ignore the few but significant disadvantages.


The use of CBD oil by athletes for pain management is groundbreaking and may even lead to more advances in future science. One cannot ignore the fact that it is still relatively a new concept; it may have many limitations or side effects. Furthermore, there is still a lot of research and testing to be conducted.

Not all CBD products are of equal Quality

Many brands offer different qualities for CBD. They might not necessarily have the top-notch quality that athletes are looking for. Furthermore, some of these brands may not even have the recovery features, which may be the primary purpose that athletes use CBD in the first place.

What further reinforces this problem is that CBD has a huge online market presence. Not everyone conducts the research necessary to ensure that the correct brand is purchased that would bring about the desirable results. Some can’t differentiate the good quality brands from the bad quality ones. This disadvantage can lead to some significant issues for athletes like; health issues, wastage of money and effort, not being able to utilize the purchase fully. This problem can be solved by conducting proper research of the brands one is considering buying CBD oil from.

Not precisely approved by Sports Organizations

The controversy surrounding CBD is not surprising. Because of the lack of knowledge about CBD and the fact that it is still, to some extent, experimental, sports organizations do not exactly approve of CBD. While it may not be outwardly banned, there is always the risk that athletes may be treated differently, which may lead to problems.

Furthermore, one needs to keep in mind a lot of aspects when considering whether the use of CBD oil is legal or not. For example, if the CBD brand one is buying contains a significant amount of THC or other prohibited substances, that person is at risk of a violation.

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