In past few years, cannabis has gained much fame, not because people are interested in getting high but the medically beneficial properties of the cannabis plant. Cannabis is also known as Marijuana which has many different compounds. CBD is one of the compound cannabis and especially getting recognized for the treatment of many diseases. CBD is a non-psychoactive element which has many healing properties. Along with its benefits and some side effects, people have some misconceptions about CBD oil.

In this article, you will know what are the misconceptions people usually have about CBD oil and what the truth is.

All CBD Products Have Same Quality

One of the misconceptions about CBD oil is people tend to think that wherever they buy CBD oil, it is going to affect them the same way. But this is not true. The quality of CBD depends on the plant, from where it was cultivated and which process was used to manufacture the CBD oil. Many companies are producing the product with different quality which ultimately has different effects on the body.

CBD Can Get You High

Another one of the misconceptions about CBD oil is that because CBD is one of the compounds of the marijuana plant, so it always has the qualities of making you high. But this is not true. CBD makes you high only when you have the element of THC with it. THC is also one of the compounds of the marijuana plant which can make you high.

CBD is Only the Good Compound of Marijuana Plant

Because CBD term is mostly used nowadays, so people think that CBD is only the compound of Marijuana which is good for the health. But this is not true; cannabis plant has many other compounds which are also very helpful for maintaining the health like CBG, CBC, CBN, THC, and THCV.

CBD Cure All Diseases

If you think that CBD oil can treat all the conditions and or help to solve all your problems, which is not true. CBD oil is not a miracle pill which will solve all your problems. No doubt CBD oil has tons of health benefits, but you have to do your research before using it that either it is suitable for your condition or not.

CBD Oil is Legal Everywhere

CBD oil is used widely for medical purposes, but it does not mean that CBD oil is legal anywhere. In the USA, 42 states have declared the CBD oil legal. But most of the part of the World is using CBD oil without any legality issues.

CBD Oil is Only Good For Adults

Most people think that CBD is only useful for treating the adults but studies have shown that it is also very effective for kids. Especially kids with epilepsy have shown better results after using the CBD oil. But the dose of CBD oil for kids must be very minimal; otherwise, it could harm the kids. But further studies are still needed in this field.

CBD is Medical, THC is Recreational

Most people consider CBD as a medical treatment and because of THC property of making you high deemed to be recreational, and people think THC has no medicinal property. But this is not all true. Studies have shown that THC creates some enzymes in the body which are helpful for Alzheimer’s patients. And THC also has some other beneficial qualities.

CBD is Good Cannabinoid, THC is Lousy Cannabinoid

No doubt that CBD is helping many people with different health conditions but THC is not all bad itself. THC is good for Alzheimer’s patients, and it also works as anti-nausea and increases your appetite. Get you high is just one of the side effects of THC.

CBD Alone is More Effective Than Using It With Other Parts of Plant

Scientist’s research on marijuana plant has shown that CBD shows more affectivity with using it other parts of the plant then using it alone. So this misconception is baseless that only CBD alone can treat the diseases other compounds of cannabis are useless.

CBD Did Not Work For Me; It Must Be Hoax

If you hear from someone that CBD oil is useless and does not help in any way, do not believe that it is right for everyone because CBD oil affects every individual differently according to the tolerance level and compatibility. Try listening to those millions of people who had excellent results after using CBD oil.


These were some of the misconceptions about CBD oil which people have. I hope you have clarity about the CBD oil after reading this article. And now you can differentiate what people say about CBD and what is right. If you are planning to use CBD oil, make sure you buy it from a trusted vendor and use the optimal dose. Always consult an expert before using the CBD oil. I hope you enjoy using CBD and get maximum benefits from it.

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