With the CBD industry growing on an unprecedented scale, CBD products are constantly evolving. HighKind, a premium CBD manufacturer, are one of the main torch-bearers in the industry.

The brand has pioneered a new kind of CBD product called terpene-infused CBD crystals. Using extremely high-quality CBD concentrate, the product has been enhanced using only the purest terpene profiles.

Terpenes are a huge part of the proper CBD experience. They are present in all forms throughout the botanical world, including herbs, plants and fruits. If you’ve ever peeled an orange, the strong, juicy aroma you find is the smell of terpenes found in orange rind.

Terpenes also give every strain of cannabis its distinctive aromatic qualities. Full-spectrum CBD oils maintain all of these minerals, nutrients and terpenes that are essential to the cannabis plant. Fully purified CBD concentrates do not.

After recent studies, it is becoming clear that terpenes also have aromatherapeutic properties that can greatly enhance the standard of living. If you’ve got issues with pain, anxiety or depression, the right terpenes could help soothe your troubles. 

Their flavours also provide a big boost to the level of enjoyment that comes from CBD. Terpene profiles come in loads of shapes and sizes. Do you like your aromatic herbs? A lavender profile would suit you to a tee. Prefer the citrusy zest of lime and lemon? There are plenty of citrus terpene profiles out there for you to enjoy.

Because of the obsession with THC and CBD, many CBD companies look over terpenes and don’t pay attention to the incredible qualities that they could bring to their own products. While many remain oblivious to the power of terpenes, things are starting to change.

When creating most CBD products, CBD and THC are filtered, distilled and then processed to a purity of over 99%. Unfortunately, this purifying process results in zero terpenes. Without terpenes, there’s not much to say about taste, aroma and overall experience. That’s without even mentioning the various aromatherapeutic benefits you’ll be missing out on.

The entourage effect that all CBD enthusiasts are looking for can’t take place without these terpenes present. There are even some studies that present evidence suggesting that a 55% CBD extract that contains a variety of terpenes could be even more effective than a 99% CBD extract.

So – what is the entourage effect that terpene-less CBD concentrates are missing out on? The effect was originally named after a famous researcher of cannabinoids called Raphael Mechoulam. The phrase is used to describe the synergistic relationship that occurs between terpenoids, flavonoids and cannabinoids.

Studies have proven that terpenes are able to halt various cannabinoids receptors while promoting cannabinoids linking together. As a result, terpenes are thought to have a direct impact on CBD’s absorption and how it is used in CB receptors.

A CBD product without terpenes misses out on so many of the benefits of true, full extract CBD. CBD isolate can’t tie full-spectrum CBD’s shoe-laces. This clear and obvious disparity is what influenced HighKind pulling up its bootstraps and developing a totally unique CBD concentrate.

Their crystals have been developed from a premium blend of the highest purity of CBD concentrate and a variety of stunning terpene profiles. With zero THC, each of these products is entirely free of psychoactive elements. The effects are undeniable too – these terpenes infused CBD crystals provide a distinct mental clarity and calming sensations that you are able to use at any part of the day.

CBD concentrates aren’t for everyone, but CBD enthusiasts who want to sample the highest purity CBD need to give terpene-infused concentrates a go. The added benefit of terpenes will totally transform your CBD experience forever.

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