CBD or also known as cannabidiol is one of the compounds that are available in the plant Cannabis. The other compound that is also famous in Cannabis is THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is well known because of its high effects, and this is found in marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD does not have that many high results and pretty much safe to use.

CBD oil is a new category of product to treat and solve many problems related to the body and mind. CBD oil an extract form of cannabidiol, which is in use for many purposes and it is entirely safe and in most places legal to use. Many medicines have also using CBD oil as its ingredients.

History of CBD Oil

CBD is in use since the 19th century, but people have more focus on using the THC because of its high effects. In 1980’s studies showed that CDB could prevent from specific problems like anxiety, depression, and pain. And in 1990’s CBD got some fame when in 1998 a British based company name GW Pharmaceutical started testing and using CBD as trials.

The company cultivated the CBD and did medical experiments on it to use it as a medicine. Tests on animals showed the result that CBD treats anxiety and seizures. It led the researchers to use the CBD in medicine, and for this, very less amount of THC was used along a significant amount of CDB. In 2009, Oakland laboratory succeeded to contain more BCD than THC.

In 2000’s people come to realize the benefits of BCD oil. They used for the treatment of pains, anxiety, and cancer and it gave them amazing results. And now the publicity of CBD oils is increasing day by day.

How CBD Works?

Cannabinoids like CBD are connected with some receptors to produce the effects in the body. There are two receptors for cannabinoids CB1 receptor and CB2 receptor. The cb1 receptor is mostly in the brain which deals with the mood, movement, pain, and thinking. These receptors are in connection with THC. CB2 receptors are mainly in the immune system of a body and deal with pain and inflammation. Studies showed that CBD/CBD oil does not affect receptors directly, but it makes the body to use more of its cannabinoids.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Like CBD, CBD oil also has many benefits medically. It is being used for treat many health-related problems. Here are some of the benefits of CBD oil:

  • CBD Oil naturally helps to give relief from pains
  • CBD oil is beneficial for the patients who are fighting with Cancer
  • CBD oil is a natural way to get rid of anxiety
  • CBD oil is good who are trying to quit smoking and drinking.
  • CBD oil is a treatment for the patients with seizures, and it also helps people with mantle health disorder.
  • CBD oil is anti-inflammatory which also helps to cope with the acne problem.

Other than this CBD oil is in use in the making of a variety of medicine and herbal treatments.

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How to Use CBD Oil?

There are different ways to use the CBD oil, and you can choose any method of your liking and your convenience.

  • One of the easiest ways is to take CBD oil orally, take the dosage under your tongue and after 60 seconds swallow it.
  • The most common idea of using CBD oil is in the form of capsules. You can take it as your supplement every morning just like your other supplements. It is one of the most convenient ways of using CBD oil.
  • The other way of getting CBD into your system is Vaporizers. In this way, CBD oil goes into your bloodstream and the liver. Sprays are used for this method.
  • Taking CDB oil with food or in the form of food is another way of consuming CDB oil.
  • CBD Topical is also in use for absorbing CDB oils into your body system. It is done through creams, shampoos, and conditioners, etc.


As CBD oil has very less amount of THC, which does not make you high, it is very safe to use for many purposes, but sometimes it can show some side effects too. So you have to be careful before using it and do not forget to consult a doctor before its use. The possible side effects can be

  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Low blood pressure
  • Tiredness
  • Problem with sleeping
  • Possibly diarrhea
  • Hallucination

Every product of CBD oil does not affect the same way or does not have same side effects. Before using it, do your research on the product and if it suits you then start using it.

Where can you get CBD Oil?

CBD or CBD oil is not legal everywhere, in the USA many states it is illegal to use or only allowed to use for medical purposes. CBD oil is available in many stores, if it is hard to find in stores, you can order it online.  Or your doctor who has prescribed you CBD oil can guide you that where you can get this.


As the researchers have shown many benefits of CBD oil but note that FDA has not proved this, so make sure to get prescribed by a proper doctor before using it.

If you still have any question related to CBD oil, you can ask through the comment. We will respond you soon.

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