Food is not just necessary for living, but people also enjoy it as a pleasure. Food habits determine the health of the body. It is wise for everyone to eat anything which is beneficial for health, not destroying it. I am sharing best cooking tips for your healthy food.

Foods in restaurants are considered to be less healthy because they are full of fats. Processed foods are also not very good for the health. So instead of eating food outside, try cooking for yourself and choose the healthy ingredients for cooking.

Best Cooking Tips

Here are some best cooking tips which are not only going to make your food good for your health but also give good taste.

Reduce Salt Quantity

Salt does not have any calories, but it is not considered very healthy because it causes bloating in the system and also not suitable for the patients with high blood pressure. So try to limit the use of salt in your food. Or you can use some other spice or black pepper.

Use Smart Fats

Fats do not have healthy properties, so use it only when it’s necessary and use the right fats like olive oil or coconut oil, etc.

Choose Unrefined Food

Processed or refined foods have more chemicals in them. Pick unrefined goods like brown sugar instead of white sugar, coarse grains instead of refined grains and brown rice instead of refined rice.

Use Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour is heavier and healthier than the white one. So replace the white flour with whole wheat, it also used less in quantity as compared to the white flour.

Replace Whole Eggs with Eggs Whites

Eggs have a high amount of proteins, but egg yolks have many calories as compare to the whites. Use two eggs white instead of using one whole egg. Egg white has 16 calories and 0gm fats while an egg yolk has 54 calories and 5gm fats.

Use Herbs

Instead of using some artificial, manufactured, processed items for the flavor, use natural herbs. It will give your food good taste and pleasant smell. Natural herbs are also suitable for the digestions. Herbs like ginger, garlic, and lemon are a healthy addition to your food.

More Portions of Fruit & Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are considered to be full of vitamins and antioxidants. Include the most portion of your meal with vegetables and fruits. Do not cook vegetables too much. You can steam or lightly fry them.

Limit Use of Meat

Meat is a source of protein but also have statured fats. So try to limit your consumption of meat. Have part of the fish in your meals. Fish has Omega-3 fatty acids which have many health-related benefits.

Use lemon

Lemon is a beneficial herb and very good for digestion. Lemon gives a better taste to the food too. It helps to reduce weight, provide healthy skin and a good source of the Vitamin C. Lemon is also suitable for the treatment of kidney stones.

Spice Things Up

Adding spice to your food gives it not only a good taste but also suppress the feeling of appetite which is good for losing the weight. Try to add the natural spice of your food like chili or black paper etc.


These are some healthy and delicious best cooking tips that can give your food good taste and make you healthier.

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