As the temperature drops outside, we go for different things to warm ourselves. Warm clothes and coffee is a traditional way to protect ourselves from cold. But in this article, you will get to know about the best winter foods which will make you warm inside out. And you can have so much fun this winter without getting any cold.

Here is the list of foods which will keep you warm throughout the winter and these foods are readily available everywhere.


Ginger is one way to stay warm in this winter. Ginger has thermogenic properties which keep your body warm. This herb is used in many cooking dishes, but the best way to use it in winter is to make a cup of ginger tea. Ginger tea will not only prevent you from cold but also regulates the blood flow. Studies have also shown that ginger tea keeps you full and prevents you from overeating in winter. The tea of ginger also gives relief from the sore muscles. You can add ginger to your food as a spice. It will give a great taste to your food.

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Chili or foods that are cooked with a large amount of this spice are another way to warm you up in this winter. Chili has a compound name capsaicin which gives the real spice kick to the food. You may experience some sweat along warmness. This herb also increases your metabolism system and helps you to digest. Chili also prevents you from gaining extra weight.


Oats or oatmeal is also one of the best winter foods which can give you many benefits other than making you warm this winter. Oatmeal has whole grain fiber and protein which limit your hunger for a longer period. Oats also control the cholesterol level in the body. Make the oats first meal of the day and you will feel full and lighter at the same time. Mostly in winter we feel lazier and prefer sitting on a sofa whole day, but the powerful starch in oats make you active and give you amazing energy level.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate could be a real treat for you if you are the fan of chocolates. You can enjoy the beverage of hot chocolate in winter to warm yourself. Or you can add the sweet chocolate powder to the warm almond milk or regular milk, stir and drink it. You can also melt the regular chocolate and do the same. If you are a fitness fanatic and want to lose weight, you can use dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate.

Dry Fruit

Dry fruits are high in fiber and are rich in antioxidants. Nuts and Dry fruits have many benefits as it makes you fight against unnecessary appetite and keep you warm in winter season. Dry fruits have zero to almost no calories which are good for losing weight. You can add different dry fruits to oats or other foods.


Start using these best winter foods to get through this winter without getting any cold. I hope you enjoy the suggestion and stay safe!

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