Protein is one of the most vital components of our healthy growth and development. In today’s fast-paced life and lack of proper and balanced diet have left the question wide open- are our body getting enough proteins to develop and grow? Before we answer this question, we must know why protein is so vital for our health.

According to Sheela Seharawat, renowned and acclaimed dietitian and also regarded as the best dietitian in Delhi of Diet Clinic, protein is crucial for our bodies to stay healthy and balanced. Proteins are vital for our internal organs, hairs, nails, skin and our muscles. The most important job that protein has to do in our body is to repair and promote healing.

Our bodies are loaded with antibodies that consist of proteins and are critical for fighting diseases and provide resistance to the body. Children and young ones need their daily dose of protein for proper and healthy growth. Proteins help in repair and recover after surgeries and injuries.

So, you see how important protein for our good health and healthy living is. It is why we must be very watchful and considerate in getting the right kind and amount of daily dose of protein in our diet, though many amongst us are quite negligent in doing so.

The best dietitian in Delhi for weight gain shares with you the 5 cheapest and effective ways to sneak more protein into your diet:

Plain Yoghurt

Yoghurt is an excellent source of protein. It is not only cheap but is also the easiest way to sneak in protein in the diet in the form of smoothies, adding into dishes, enjoying as raita or even plain. It is better if we take the ones with live and active cultured options. Apart from giving us proteins, these are good sources of probiotics that help to keep our gut healthy and also aids in weight loss. If you want to save big on yoghurt, buy larger containers and store them in your refrigerator for daily use.

Cottage Cheese

We love it, and it is a delicacy for vegetarians in India. Paneer or cottage cheese is a mildly flavoured cheese comes in a variety of fat percentages and can be enjoyed in many ways. It is also an excellent choice for people who are looking to build muscles. This great source of proteins helps keeping fuller for a long time and thereby, aids in weight loss too. Cottage cheese is very affordable and readily available in stores.


Oats makes for a perfect breakfast. This hearty and gluten-free grain is not at all expensive and is also available in big packaging for bigger savings. It is a true fact that oats have the largest store of proteins in them than any other grain. Apart from proteins, oats are also a great source of other vitamins and minerals and dietary fibres. It helps to keep our heart healthy and is an excellent aid for weight loss.


For us, Indians, lentils are just like our staple food. No meal in India is complete without a lentil preparation. They are not only cheap and affordable, but lentils also happen to be a great source of proteins. Enjoy it in your meal as a soup, or as a stew and curry, lentils are amazing plant-based proteins and high in iron, potassium, fibres and B vitamins apart from proteins.


Whether you enjoy them in your favourite salad as a curry preparation, chickpea is one of the top sources of affordable protein source food with great health benefits. Low in glycaemic contents chickpea is a legume that is quite beneficial for weight management and as well as glucose and insulin regulation. It provides positive impacts on people with cardiovascular diseases.

To stay fit and healthy, there are two types of proteins that the human body needs. The first type is the complete proteins and the ones that are listed and discussed above. The second type is the incomplete sources of proteins like nuts, some grain and vegetables. Like a balanced diet, it is advisable that both the sources should be enjoyed as a part of your balanced diet.

Now that you have a proper insight as what are the benefits and how to include them into your diet at an affordable way, you should look for some more easy and great ways to sneak more proteins into your daily diet. Meats and poultry are some of the topmost foods that are great sources of proteins. Dry roasted soya beans, soy proteins, dairy foods, eggs and fishes are also good sources of proteins.

One thing you need to ensure that apart from getting hold of proper sources of proteins in your diet, look for the ones not high on cholesterol from animal sources and other products. Protein shakes and bars are great ways to get a good supply of protein without of fear of adding fats. They are easily available, fast and delicious to eat. After all, you know you are getting the total dose of protein that you actually need!!

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