The smoky odors, especially those of smoked hemp and tobacco, hit our nostrils too bad, right? Have you ever wondered how one can get rid of such odors? People go for multiple way outs, like opening the door of the car for some time, switching on the exhaust, or using an air freshener which mixes up the odor in its scent, and the problem remains there.

The AGO (Anti Green Odor) has solved the issue smartly by launching their first four natural smoke odor neutralizers. The Natural Smoke Odor Neutralizer won’t just take away the smelly smoke of tobacco and hemp but will leave your smoking place with an aromatic odor.

Let us give you a brief detail about these evergreen Natural Smoke Odor Neutralizers.

The Four Refreshing Flavors

The Natural Smoke Odor Neutralizer by Anti Green Odor comes in four revitalizing flavors, and they have covered all the four most preferred scents in their products.

1) Lemon Blast

If you are a fan of strong citrusy flavors like lemon, then this product is made for you!

The lemon blast smoke neutralizer comes in three sizes. A small bottle of 10ml is ideal for an instant use anywhere, a card odor neutralizer for taking away the smoke from your car, and a big bottle of 80ml for a long term use at home.

The smoke neutralizer will instantly shift the smoky atmosphere into a refreshing one with aromatic lemon odor. The product has 100% natural ingredients and is entirely safe to use, even in front of the kids and pets.

Moreover, the affordable prices are what we all want, and the Team of Anti Green Odor has reasonably priced the products.

You can grab a 10ml bottle for $5.99 and 80 ml bottle for $19.99.

2) Grapefruit Cyclone

The strongest flavor so far! The Grapefruit Cyclone smoke odor neutralizer is an amazing blend of orange and grapefruit flavor. The smoke neutralizer fights the strong tobacco and hemp smoke odors and makes sure all the traces of smoke has been neutralized. The Grapefruit Cyclone smoke odor neutralizer does not contain any harmful ingredients, and you can use it confidently.  

The product comes in three discrete forms. A 10ml bottle for $5.99 is for an instant use anywhere, and a big bottle of 80ml for $19.99 for an extensive use at home.

3) Lavender Storm

The refreshing fragrance of lavender tends to de-stress individuals in unmatchable ways. The scent won’t just neutralize the smoke-filled atmosphere but will relax you too. The Lavender storm odor neutralizer contains a blend of tea tree and lavender scents.

What a combo! Moreover, the essential ingredients contain no hazardous substance; it’s 100% natural and free from all sorts of adulterants.

You can buy lavender storm natural odor neutralizer in three volumes. A 10ml bottle will cost you $5.99, and the 80 ml bottle will cost you $19.99.

4) Mint Rush

The exceptionally tranquilizing aroma of Peppermint and Eucalyptus Globulus is induced in this smoke odor neutralizer. Just a few sprays of mint rush, and you see a complete transformation from smoky odor to refreshing minty one. The mint rush odor neutralizer is 100% natural and safe to use. It’s a quick solution to ease off the smoky atmosphere right after you finish your last few puffs.

You can grab this product in the form of a 10ml bottle for $5.99 and a larger bottle for a long term use for $19.99.

How to use the Anti Odor Neutralizer?

It can’t be simpler! A spray pump diffuses all the molecules of smoke odor neutralizer into the air when pushed. Upon complete diffusion, the whole smoky smell is eliminated and leaves the area with aromatic fragrance. The aftereffect is quite relaxing and appealing.

The Six Leading features of Anti Green Odor

The Anti Green Odor does not compromise on the worthy customer’s needs and keeps up with improvements. Here are the six most leading features of Anti Green Odor that make them outstand among other competitors.

1) Secure payment

At Anti Green Odor, the payment procedure keeps customer’s information confidential. For this reason, the worthy customers regard them. They consider customer’s privacy as their own responsibility, and for this reason, they receive positive feedback.

2) Safe Products

The products are entirely safe to use. You can use the smoke neutralizers even in front of your kids and pets without having any second thought.

3) No harmful chemicals

The Anti Green Odor team believes in harmless and natural products. Hence, the ingredients they infuse in the smoke odor neutralizers are non-toxic and all-natural. You can use them anywhere without any worry.

4) Molecular-level smoke neutralization

The smoke odor neutralizers work at a molecular level to create a refreshing environment after smoking tobacco or hemp. The intense breakout of smoke particles is what the customers need, and their neutralizers fulfill the need smartly.

5) An excellent formula

The formula for smoke neutralizers is smooth and diffusible in the air. It disseminates well once sprayed, and one cannot take notice of it.

They pay attention to every detail while manufacturing products and cross-check all the ingredients with extensive lab testing.

6) Order tracking facility

The order tracking facility assists the customers to track their orders at any point. The facility is quite helpful and time-saving.

Final Words

The tobacco and hemp create a smelly environment right after you finish smoking it. The Anti Green Odor team offers four exceptional smoke neutralizers to help eliminate the smoky environment and create a better and refreshing one. They believe in creating peaceful communities. Hence, they do not let others get bothered with smoky odors and stigmatize hemp. They promote individual preferences and hence, provide a 100% natural and safer solution for smoke odors that may bother both smokers and passive smokers.

Let us know what flavor you like in the comment section below!

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