An independent research association is conceived from the open leniency of a blockchain. It brings finance into neuroscience through a network run a token budget system. Its foundation is based on the scientific methods by including every step in the process, staying away from potholes of positivity bias and obstructions to journal Circulation. Its arms are vybuds, a devoted research instrument that exceeds as extremely cool music headphones.

Project Oblio is an open, network of neuroscientists committed to re-building the scientific method. Scholarly neuroscience can be greatly improved by appointing various research experiments exploration to a blockchain. Non-invasive neurostimulation research is a field that experiences deadly defects when directed in a research center. We’ve demonstrated that neuro stim can be utilized to validate data in a decentralized way automatically.

The thing we are trying to develop is a decentralized, self-financing research association. After submitting their proposals, the neuroscientists can get fund for developed sites that make utilization of all the native features of a subject’s cell phone.

At Project Oblio, the fund is provided, and the information is submitted irrespective of whether or not results are accurate. All results are published as soon as they are available.

Feature at Project Oblio

The main features of Project Oblio’s are as follows:

1. Neurostimulation for brain advancement. All the techniques are useful for:

  • Treatment of Depression
  • Pain Management
  • Eye Treatment
  • Neuroplasticity Increment
  • Memory boosting
  • Alzheimer’s treatment

2. EMG recording for controlling your music by non-verbal commands.

  • A vybuds feature, Project Oblio is working on providing you the function to play, pause, and skip songs without having to use your hands or speak.
  • Commands like this can provide you with other non-verbal communication between you and your phone.

3. EEG recording for decentralized neuroscience research.

  • Receive cash for taking in university research.
  • Earn cash for watching advertisements.
  • Receive cash for participating in specific vybuds tasks over the Project Oblio community.

Hiring at Project Oblio

We at Project Oblio are looking for scholarly contributions from neuroscience universities from around the world. Kindly go through the blog and think about becoming representative of your educational institution. You’ll get funds for the experiment when the system initiates, and you’ll be added to the private Discord chat for decentralized neuroscience research. In order to run an active crypto kick starter on 5th November, Project Oblio is looking for peer-review and “idea generators” like you to go through their publications and provide feedback on how they can make it appropriate for use by educational institutions.

Right now Project Oblio is a small team University of Pittsburgh, Duke University, Rutgers University, and Columbia University neuroscience graduates. They are available on Skype for any individual who may be keen on contributing or gaining more information about Project Oblio in the coming weeks. If you are not eager to know, it would be ideal if you send this site to someone who might be interested.

The stakes here can’t be higher. We are discussing a standout amongst the most crucial yet ineffectively comprehended aspects of humanity. It is careless for what individuals are fit for to overlook cutting-edge encryption techniques like homomorphic encryption and blockchain as a potential change for the scientific method. LET’S BUILD IT.

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