“Tobacco Smoking Is Dangerous To Your Health!”

This is the all too familiar health warning by Public Health Authorities and even by tobacco cigarette manufacturers. What is strange is that even with this morbid warning a huge number of people from around the world still engage in the habit of tobacco smoking. Heat-Not-Burn Products can deal with this problem.

Health experts have long proven that the nicotine in tobacco is responsible for the addiction and why people find it hard to quit even though they know that their health and lives may be seriously at risk.

It is the smoke generated by tobacco cigarettes that contributes to the myriad of health problems which smokers could potentially suffer from if they continue smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is because of the tar and several another potentially harmful chemical compound inherent in tobacco smoke.

The introduction of Heat-not-burn products like e-cigarettes into the world of recreational smoking may have led to a large number of smokers quitting tobacco cigarette smoking entirely. However, there are still those smokers who prefer the taste, smell and sensation that they derive from smoking tobacco cigarettes. With Heat-not-burn products like e-cig, smokers can inhale the vapor produced from nicotine based commercial e-liquids instead of inhaling the harmful smoke of burning tobacco through a heat not burn process.

The vapor inhalation of nicotine-based e-liquids is believed to be a healthier option than the smoking of burning tobacco. As a matter of fact, research by Public Health England into the safety of Heat-not-burn products have pointed to e-cigarettes being 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarette smoking. They have even advised tobacco cigarette smokers to switch to e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking cigarettes while still encouraging them to quit smoking in its entirety.

Heat-Not-Burn Products – An Even Better Alternative!

There may be two or three groups of tobacco cigarette smokers. The first group consists of the younger generation, teenagers and young adults who are not yet addicted to tobacco smoking. They may be experimental smokers trying tobacco smoking for the very first time or just occasional smokers.

The second group consists of a young generation of addicted tobacco smokers who are also open to trying out other forms of recreational smoking. For the third group, you have an older generation of addicted tobacco smokers. These smokers would rather stick with their preferred brand of tobacco cigarette instead of trying out any other form of smoking. The third group consists of hardened tobacco smokers who are really not open to any switch from their preferred form of smoking.

However, the advancement in heat not burn technology has led to the development of a smokeless tobacco device that may make this third group of smokers has a change of heart. Heat-not-burn products are designed as a heating device capable of heating up tobacco to a temperature where the vapor is produced rather than smoke. It is this tobacco vapor that will be inhaled by smokers. This smokeless tobacco device is similar to e-cigarettes with the major difference being that tobacco herb is used in the generation of the vapor rather than a nicotine-based e-liquid.

By inhaling the tobacco vapor instead of the smoke, it is believed that smokers will be less exposed to between 50 and 90% of the potentially harmful compounds found in typical tobacco cigarettes. Users of this heating device can derive the taste and sensation of tobacco smoking from this heat not burn product without having to inhale any harmful smoke. Heat-not-burn products that can vaporize tobacco herb are seen as a better smoke-free alternative than e-cigarettes because it allows tobacco smokers indulge in their recreational habit only in a safer, healthier fashion. Smokers can taste the tobacco but avoid the smell and smoke at the same time when they use Heat-not-burn products that vaporize tobacco herb.

The Availability Of Heat-Not-Burn Products

Heat-not-burn products such as iFuse and IQOS by Philip Morris International can be obtained online or from a vaping store in the UK, Japan, and Canada. They are also available in over 30 other countries around the world. These are tobacco heating products that are specially made to deploy heat not burn technology in generating vapour from tobacco by heating it at the right temperature.

Tobacco Heat-Not-Burn Products products are fast becoming a preferred option particularly for tobacco cigarette smokers that find it hard giving up their smoking habit. For millions of tobacco smokers from around the world looking for alternative tobacco heating products, they can try out the iFuse or IQOS. Smokers can use these tobacco heated products and still derive a sense of smoking real tobacco cigarettes. They can order for Heat-not-burn products from an online store today and receive a package with all the necessary accessories.

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