What is kratom?

Mitragyna Speciosa or kratom plant is native to the grounds of Southeast Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia. Kratom has been used for various purposes all around Southeast Asia but now has gained popularity across borders and around the globe. This is the reason why kratom has been exported in bulk from its origins.

 There are different strains of kratom that have the name of their origin attached to them. This distinguishes their properties and effects as the quality and type differ from origin to origin.

Kratom strains based on their location:

Maeng Da

Maeng Da is one of the oldest and most renowned strains of kratom. It is believed that this strain has been modified a little bit to produce more high quality effects.

Maeng Da kratom further has three types based on colors that are white, red and green. White and green Maeng Da are more popular because of their stimulating and sedative effects. They help to increase concentration and energy while also improving focus.

Maeng Da also has the capability to remove fatigue and give that boost of energy required after a long, tiring day which is why it is extensively used among the labor and working class.

There is more research going on to observe how to improve this strain for better effects.

Bali kratom

Originating from Indonesia as the name suggests, Bali kratom also consists of three types, with red and green kratom being the most popular.

This strain is great for pain relief, be it chronic pain or any other form of body ache. It also provides the greatest balance between boost of energy and removal of fatigue.

Red vein kratom induces analgesia, reduces anxiety and pain whereas green vein is relatively similar in terms of effects but has lesser intensity than the red vein.

Indo kratom

This type of strain can be found in Indonesia, specifically in Bali and Borneo. White Indo Kratom type is the most popular amongst its users.

The other types of indo kratom are:

  • Super Indo: has very mild energetic effects while also providing pain-killing and relaxing effects
  • Red Vein Indo: this is a more intense strain providing sedation and also uplifts the mood
  • White Vein Indo: known for its analgesic effects

Malaysian Kratom

This is one of the most rare and unique strains of kratom and stems from the grounds of Malaysia. The super green Malay kratom strain has its own following as it has great energetic and mind-boosting effects.

The other types of Malaysian kratom are super green, red vein and white vein which have all kinds of effects ranging from sedation, stimulation and energy boost.

Thai Kratom

This is also one of the most used kratom strains but because of the kratom ban that was imposed in Thailand, the use of this strain deteriorated. More of this strain comes with the Thai label but originates from Indonesia.

White and Green vein Thai kratom are used to treat anxiety and depression and are widely used for their psychological effects.

On the other hand, red vein Thai is popular for its analgesic effects.

Borneo kratom

There are a number of types of this specific strain that come from the island. Red borneo, white borneo, green borneo and blended borneo are the different types and all of them have different effects.

Red strain gives a sedating and soothing effect whereas the white one removes fatigues, helps battle depression and uplifts the mood. Green strain enhances the overall euphoric effect. In the end, blended borneo is a mix and balance of all the three types mentioned above.  

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