The Cannabis plant growth may seem like a simple and clear procedure. During the growing process, the plant needs a sufficient amount of water, the soil requires certain pure nutrients, and there is also need a suitable environment where it gets light for a specific limit of time.

However, today’s LED Grow Lights are using to produce Cannabis that can have a significant effect on the development of weed plants.

In this Article, I’ll clarify how different color of LED lights influence plant development, bouncing into detail on the qualities that light have, and how you can use a different color of LED lights change the properties of plants and make possible the fastest growth of plants.

What Exactly Is Visible Light?

A critical part of the development of a plant other than water and oxygen is sunlight. By getting it, a plant is a capacity to convert Sunlight into eatable nourishment or food that can consume.

This procedure is simple to know as photosynthesis. Sunlight, Water, and oxygen make the consecrated trinity for Cannabis plants.

Visible light as we see it acts as a wave. And it shows different properties that are directly relying upon its wavelength.

For instance, sunlight source with a wavelength of about 650 nm will be famed as having a red color.  Various scientific proved studies have been prescribed on how Different color of LED lights can affect the development of Weed plants.

We all say thanks to the latest development in LED Grow light innovation, and explicit light wavelengths would now be able to be segregated to control the different type of physical properties that a plant shows as it creates during the growth cycle.

These properties include (but these are not limited), weight, height, texture, and color, just as the chemical composure of the weed plant itself.

As a Cannabis plant develops, you can use LED Grow lights to control these physical properties relying upon the plant qualities as per your need and requirements.

The Effects Of Each Led Grow Light Color

Know we are explaining, how each light color work and the impacts plants will have on applying or removing them. However, here is full info about this:

  • Ultraviolet – It does not exposure produces for better development
  • Violet – This color helps to enhance the taste, color, and aroma of weed plants
  • Blue – Blue color support increases the growth rate of plants
  • Green – Green color has good qualities as it help enhances chlorophyll production and as well used as a pigment for appropriate plant viewing
  • Yellow – While this color exhibit less growth of Plants as compared to blue and red light
  • Red – When this color combined with blue light it helps to yields more crops and leaves; however, it depends on what is being grown.
  • Far-Red – Far color work to speeds up the Phytochrome renovation which decreases the time of plants that they take to go into a night-time state. This color also allows weed plants to produce a higher yield.

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