Blue Magic Kratom was set up by father and son (Ross Jaramillo and Nathan Jaramillo) and their friend – Kyle Bratlien in 2015. The main purpose linked with this brand is to provide individuals with good-quality kratom and other related products.

They are highly worried about the health issues of the people, therefore, this is when they started developing friendly relationships with the product producers to have the best quality and this is the main reason they are heading to lead the global kratom industry. The initial setup was in their garage in Temecula California, after that they gradually expanded to 5 large distribution centers with a total of 45,000 sqft area.


Blue Magic Kratom is brought to you by Hundreds Brands. Our mission is to provide trusted premium quality supplements to individual, wholesale and retail customers across the globe.

Products – liquid, powder, and extracts

This brand offers a wide range of products like powders, capsules, extracts, and vapes. The gold capsules of Kratom and the invigorating immediate-result vapes are innovative products that add to the value of this brand. The bright unique blue jars containing kratom capsules are a good choice, but there are many strains with individual alkaloid profiles to satiate every customer!

Delta 8 disposable vape pens (Alpha-Omega Delta 8)

Do you like to take in Delta 8 through a vape pen? Well, we have good news for you, Blue Magic creates this cannabis product in this form as well. But on ahead of that, the vape pens are also disposable. This helps the company in ensuring that you don’t contribute to the environment’s pollution. Blue Magic Kratom uses the best hemp extracts to give you your money’s worth. Moreover, it provides 12 distinct flavors, each giving up to 1500 puffs.

Business Lines

Today, in this competitive market, it is very difficult to get quick success if you are only operating with a single business line. Well, with regards to Hundreds Premium, the one thing that makes a difference between it and other brands is it deals with multiple income streams targeting different business lines.

D2C (Direct to Consumer)

Blue Magic Kratom does not rely on go-betweens to supply its products to customers. When you log on to the website, the fresh items from the manufacturer will be available to you directly! This practice ensures effective, new, and potent products.

Blue Magic Kratom has a website

Extensively lab-tested products

Blue Magic Kratom conducts lab-test for all the CBD, THC, and kratom products in state-of-art laboratories. The detailed lab-testing guarantees that the products do not contain any contaminants, metals, pesticides, E.coli, salmonella, and flavonoids. So by selecting Blue Magic Kratom, you get premium-quality products that would last until your final dose.

Final Words

The prices of Blue Magic Kratom products are reasonable which makes it a great choice. The good wide product range, reasonable prices, and wholesale options are requirements of every customer. Moreover, the quick shipping, shopping experience, and customer service quality make Blue Magic kratom an excellent choice for all!

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