Established in 2013, Cali Botanicals is a reasonably new vendor in the Cannabis market, but it is turning heads left and right. Having a motto to provide the best possible products to customers looking to stay healthy, quality comes first at Cali Botanicals.

Cali Botanicals is one of the few vendors that aspires to create a community of people who have shared opinions, which is why you can expect them not to cut corners when it comes to quality to save money. As far as the ambition and driving force behind Cali Botanicals is concerned, they are one of the best ones out there.

What are they selling?

Cali Botanicals is one of the only vendors which offers such an extensive collection of products to its consumers. Their selection consists of Kratom Powders, Capsules, Extracts, and even CBD products.

Concerning its Kratom products, Cali Botanicals offers products in all three veins, red, green, and white. They have various strains to choose from, including some of the rarest Kratom strains such as Premium Horned Leaf Kratom, Sumatra Kratom, and even their custom blends such as Netflix Red Premium Kratom and Foglifter Kratom Powder.

At the same time, the prices of these products are testimony to the motto of Cali Botanicals. All of the strains of Kratom are priced the same.

While the Kratom powders’ prices start at $8 for 28 grams going all the way to $110 for a Kilo, the prices of the capsules start at $8 for 30 capsules going all the way up to $52 for 200 capsules.

On the other hand, they offer three types of CBD products; Full Spectrum Tinctures, Gummies, and Bath Bombs.

What makes Cali Botanicals products good?

One of the primary reasons why the quality of products at Cali Botanicals is top-notch is because they are entirely organic. It has established a relationship of trust with the farms they source their material from.

The leaves are grown in Indonesia and Malaysia, after which they are hand-picked, de-veined, and washed three times in sterile water. Finally, they are dried in an open-air greenhouse, which allows them to dry in natural humidity.

After they are rinsed once again, they are examined individually for potency and purity. This rigorous procedure is the main reason why the products at Cali Botanicals are some of the purest, most potent ones out there.

Are the products lab tested?

An important indication of a trustworthy vendor is the testing their products go through and whether or not the results are made public.

At Cali Botanicals, all products are extensively tested by a third-party to ensure 0% adulterant, fillers, flavonoids, metals, or contaminants. Furthermore, all of these test results are made public, which means anyone can access them to guarantee safe products.

Customer Experience

To gauge the quality of customer satisfaction a vendor offers, one needs to go through the reviews of the brands. The consumer reviews of Cali Botanicals are auspicious as most customers have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the products and the customer service.

If you choose to physically visit the store, you will be met with a friendly team of individuals who know how to cater to a customer to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Simultaneously, the user interface of their website is easy to use, but their activity on social media platforms also keeps you up to date with promotions or new product lines they launch.


All in all, Cali Botanicals is one of the most promising up and comer vendors in the cannabis industry. As vendors, they haven’t solely focused on providing high-quality products, but they have also paid attention to making those products affordable and providing an overall satisfactory experience to their customers.

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