So you have heard about the natural benefits of Kratom and have made the decision to give it a try! It’s good that you are switching to natural treatments, which are around you for centuries. Kratom offers a number of health benefits and is available in so many forms, i.e., powder, capsules, tincture, etc.

If you have never used Kratom before, there are many things that you should know before making your first order. Kratom is in high demand these days, and there are many manufacturers selling it online or locally. The good news is that you can purchase the best Kratom product only if you do a little search.

Today, we will share the ten step criteria to check before buying Kratom online either from online sources or local stores. Before that, here is a little background about Kratom that may be helpful for new readers.

What is Kratom?

what is kratomIt is highly unlikely that someone doesn’t know about Kratom yet, but just in case, Kratom is the miracle herb from Southeast Asia. Kratom capsules, tinctures, and powder come from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa plant that is a tropical evergreen in the coffee family.

It primarily grows in the region of central and southern Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Many American enthusiasts prefer to commercially grow Kratom in these areas for trade. All their products are either available online or at local Kratom stores.

You can brew Kratom like tea or crush it to make powder and add into drinks or food recipes. The locals are using Kratom for hundred of years for energy booster and increasing work efficiency. The low dosage of Kratom causes mild stimulation, and high dosage causes sedation. Following is a general user guide to explain the best effects of Kratom.

The stimulatory stage: At the start, Kratom acts as a stimulator. It makes the mind alert, adds physical energy and enhances motivation. The person urges to work better in brainy tasks, and even physical work is improved too. It also enhances the mood, makes a person more friendly, talkative and sociable.

The sedative-euphoric-analgesic stage: Anything over the standard Kratom dose is a higher dose and is responsible for the sedative, euphoric and analgesic effects. The user will feel less sensitivity to physical or emotional pain. That makes Kratom one best stress reliever by giving a pleasant reverie.

Sources of Kratom Product

All Kratom products come from Mitragyna plant, mainly its leaves. These leaves have a psychoactive effect on the user. The Kratom plant is famous for producing a vast spectrum of opioid effects that are highly dosage sensitive. The medicinal use of Kratom includes using it as a substitute for opioid painkillers, a sleeping aid and sometimes as a recreational product.

All Kratom strains are available as per respective strain. A strain is a sub-type of Kratom tree that slightly differs in its chemical composition and effects. Different Kratom strains work for different benefits. This variety of strains explains some particular Kratom types that are a potent opioid. Kratom products of these strains are the best for users. The effects increase as dosage increases.

There are more than 40 compounds in Kratom leaves. It includes indole alkaloids like Mitragynine, 7 OH Mitragynine, mitraphylline, and others. It also includes other chemicals including raubasine, rhynchophylline, corynanthidine, etc.

The quantity of these phytochemicals depends on various factors and one of them is “location and region of the tree.” That is how different Kratom strains distinguish from each other by properties. Usually, the location is a part of the name in any Kratom product, for example, Green Malay Capsules; shows it’s a green vein Kratom from Malaysia.

What To Look For On A Kratom Selling Website Before You Make Any Purchase?

While evaluating Kratom products, it is better to use the same criteria that you follow for any health supplement or medicine. Here is a 10-step guide to look for when buying Kratom online or locally and its significance.

1) Read About Kratom, Its History And Uses

The foremost thing that you should know is what exactly is Kratom. Knowing about its historical usage will give you ideas on why and how can you use Kratom. Kratom products are new to the markets, but Kratom as a tree is around us for centuries. It has several benefits for humans. The historical evidence reports it under use for over a long time even when there were no medicines.

The best effects as per history are stress relief; fatigue relief improves work productivity and energetic boost. The recent research establishes Kratom as a psychoactive agent, which is safe to use if you are correctly using it.

The psychoactive alkaloids of Kratom are responsible for all its benefits though these are highly dosage dependent. Traditionally, fresh or dry Kratom leaves are chewed to get its effects.

Kratom tea is also a way to use it. Right now Kratom is available in all forms to make the user comfortable. A person has access to many ideas for using Kratom. It is necessary to know all these details before making up the mind to buy Kratom.

2) Know About Where Kratom Grows

Kratom tree is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo and the nearby areas. It originally belongs to Southeast Asia, but it doesn’t grow in all regions. Only the tropical rain-forest areas of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo has natural Kratom cultivation.

It is better to know about Kratom sources because it will help you to understand the changing effects of different strains. Kratom strains show some specific results; in some strains, a particular outcome is dominant whereas in some strains another effect is dominant. The reason is that South Asian rainforests are highly diverse.

Every area has its soil and climatic conditions, which it incorporates in all vegetation of that area. That’s why Kratom from different regions have different effects. Reading about the Kratom growth areas will tell you more about your interested strains.

3) Be Sure If You Need Kratom

It is vital to understand that Kratom is very potent by effects. It may not be for everyone especially for the immunity compromised, elderly and people on medication. Also when the body is undergoing some developmental change, i.e., growing ages (teenage), pregnant or nursing mothers may not find Kratom as helpful as others. Instead, it may bring the odds most of the times.

The opioid-like properties of Kratom initiate the responsibility of fair use of it. Or else, it may bring undesirable effects. Be very sure if you need Kratom or not, before taking the hand on Kratom’s purchase.

4) Understand Why You Want To Use Kratom

The necessary information on Kratom suggests that there is not just one but multiple benefits of using Kratom. It helps the user in following ways.

  • Everyday health: energetic boost, nootropic aid, activeness, enhanced work capacity.
  • Medicinal benefits: stress reliever, anxiety control, painkiller, sleep regulation.
  • Recreational effects: sedation, stimulation, and euphoria.

These three are significant categories of Kratom benefits. Once it is clear that you need help in any of these regards, selecting a suitable Kratom strain gets easier.

Further, effects are under control by adjusting the right dosage. This process requires “self- evaluation” by the user. It gives you all the reasons to note down why you want to use Kratom. It is better to decide a reason for purchasing Kratom to make the Kratom experience productive and enjoyable.

5) Identify Which Kratom Strain Is Better For You

Kratom StrainWhenever you go to buy Kratom online or at a local store, one of the biggest confusion is which strain to buy? Not just the new users but sometimes the regular users also go through this.

The reason is having a variety of Kratom strains, which can mystify anyone, even if they are already sure which strain to buy. Just by looking at so many Kratom types is a brainteaser for anyone.

Before buying Kratom online, a user must understand and know the difference between basic Kratom strains. Once you realize that you need Kratom and why you need it, selection of a strain becomes easier.

Here is a general description of primary strains to help you.

  • Red Vein Kratom: Any strain that uses “red” in its name means it’s a red vein strain. It elaborates the product to be of Kratom leaves with red veins on it. Red strains are one of the top-selling choices for their pleasing effects. Red vein Kratom leaves are best for relaxation, well being, anti-insomnia, and analgesia. Also, most of red vein Kratom strains help opiate withdrawal cases at best. They may be sedating or non-sedating, read individually about it before you purchase it.
  • White Vein Kratom: The word “white” with any Kratom product means it uses white vein Kratom leaves. These types of leaves show clear or white veins throughout the lamina. White Kratom strains are best for energetic boost, mood enhancing and stimulation. They are most euphoric among all Kratom strains.
  • Green Vein Kratom: These Kratom leaves look like regular leaves with green veins. The properties of green thread Kratom are between white and red. These strains are soothing, mild and best for daily use. Sometimes they add up with white and red strains for potentiating the effects. Any Kratom product that says “green” in its name represents a soothing strain.

6) Select A Kratom Product That Suits You

The beneficial effects of Kratom rest in its leaves. In natural form, it is the best to use leaves directly. Historically, people were chewing fresh leaves or using dry leaves for the effects. But as it only grows in Southeast Asia, the access to fresh leaves is not possible for everyone.

The Kratom sellers are using fresh Kratom leaves to make some products. Most of them are available at online Kratom stores or local Kratom selling points. It includes crushed leaves, leaves powder, tea, tincture; capsule, etc. having this much variety gives lots of choices to the user to select.

Kratom has a bitter taste. Only those who can stand this taste should use powder, tincture or leaves. Those who cannot hold any bitterness and pungent fragrance, using Kratom capsule is the best. Many users prefer sipping Kratom tea like their regular herbal tea for general well being. Some of them require Kratom for medicinal reasons, i.e., pain relief. Kratom extracts are available in different potencies.

All these types are user specific. It is best to decide which product type do you want before confirming the purchase. Many Kratom vendors only sell the primary products, i.e., powder or capsule. For specialized products, trust the top-ranked online sellers. Knowing your personal preference will help you to shortlist the options for ordering Kratom.

For new users, it is better to try from basics. Never experiment with Kratom, as you may never realize how potent it is. Avoid mix and match Kratom with medicines to avoid the overdosing effects.

7) Make Sure of Kratom Lab Testing

LabTestingOne of the biggest criticisms on Kratom is unpredictable nature. People hesitate to use Kratom for the possible risk of overdosing and side effects. However, this is not true. You can control Kratom effects by following a careful method of use. Take care of these two things when you are buying Kratom online.

Buy Kratom from a retailer that provides laboratory-testing report along with all Kratom products for genuine and safe products. If there is not a mention of it, you can request the Kratom vendor to provide it. If you don’t get it, avoid buying Kratom online that is not lab tested.

Always follow a standard dose, start from low and gradually increase it to find a suitable dosage for you. It will reduce the risk of side effects and make your Kratom experience enjoyable.

Although it is the responsibility of a vendor to sell only the genuine and laboratory verified Kratom, but you must also take care. Usually, top sellers of Kratom provide a certification on their website and sends a copy with all purchases. Never buy inferior Kratom products from any shady webpage without accreditation of originality.

8) Buy Kratom From A Reputed Source

Kratom is available on online stores and local shops. You can buy it from anywhere that is convenient for you. It is also available at nearby smoke shops, gas station shops or particular Kratom/herbal extract shops. You can search about them through Google maps, yellow pages or Yelp. It is not available at pharmacies or superstores.

Most of the premium strains are available on websites only. Remember to check for the quality certificate at any site you are considering. Also, read the complete details of the product and ask the manufacturer if you aren’t clear on anything before adding it to cart. For example, check the following for all Kratom products.

  • Product type (powder, capsule, etc.)
  • Strain by vein color (red, white, green, others)
  • Strain by region
  • The potency of the product (especially extract)
  • Lab test certificate
  • Price
  • Weight
  • User reviews
  • Batch number or Lot number

All top Kratom selling website ensure this information to be available online. In case something is missing, contact the customer care helpline. At local Kratom shops, you are more likely only to access the basic strains and types. Check twice for the expiry date and originality of the product. It is better to buy Kratom from an excellent reputed Kratom vendor only.

9) Beware of Unbelievable Offers

If you are considering buying Kratom online, you may come across some websites that offer top quality strains on unbelievably low price or offer discounts beyond the actual price. They may also give you free material or extra products like buy one get one. It is best to never fall into this trap.

Kratom products follow a long process before their final shape. Adding commercial cultivation and shipment charges to the warehouse, Kratom comes at a standard price. If it claims to be high quality but is available at a surprisingly low rate, then it can be a sign of low quality.

Sometimes websites promote their bulk purchases at a low price, but it only follows to bulk purchase or is a timely offer for a promotion. It is suspicious when a site sells Kratom that doesn’t even match with standard pricing. Usually, you can buy Kratom online at a price range of $60-170 depending upon the strain, weight and the form of Kratom. It is better to check at least 2-3 websites for the price analysis before finalizing your order.

10) Get In Touch With Kratom Community

If you are new to Kratom or are trying a new product/strain, it is better to read about it at discussion forums. You can take help from friends, family or anyone around you. But if you are unable to find any experienced user, search for online communities and forums. You can either read the already existing threads or start a new one if you have a question. Talking to people clears the mind and helps to select the most suitable Kratom product.

The Problem With Most Kratom Websites

Following 10 step guide works best for any person who wants to buy Kratom. If you are only considering online Kratom stores, you must know the common problems that people experience with online Kratom orders. For example:

1) You May Not Find Any Kratom Website That Ships To Your Area

Now, this is what disappoints most of the Kratom lovers. Kratom falls under-regulated items for some regions, and in some parts of the world, it’s illegal to buy and sell it. By any chance, if you reside at any such place, buying Kratom online will be a problem. All the Kratom sellers that you find online will not be operational at your destination. For this problem, it is best to read about online discussion panels that relate to your country and know which seller supplies Kratom to your area.

2) You Don’t Find Lab Testing Or Quality Certificate On The Website

Most of the Kratom sellers will not even talk about it on their site. For a Kratom experience safe, it is better to search for this quality certification. Sometimes it is called a “batch test” and mentioned in FAQs. In any case, you don’t find anything helpful; write down to the vendor and request for certification. Wait for its response and based on the reply, decide if it is worth buying Kratom products or not.

3) You Get No Response From The Manufacturer

Writing to the website but getting no response? Calling to the helpline where no one picks the phone? It is making you annoyed, and you are now considering any other website for buying Kratom online. Surprise! You just saved yourself from buying a low grade, poor quality Kratom (or maybe it’s not even Kratom).

All the top Kratom sellers make sure that customer care department is efficiently working. It only takes 2-5 business days to reply to any query, and sooner if you are calling them. If a website is not responding to any of your questions, this is a clear sign that it is not worth trying option. Move on and find a trustworthy Kratom selling website.

4) There Is No Product Description Mentioned

Not saying that Kratom that they are selling is cheap but most of the reputed Kratom sellers write all the necessary details with each product. It includes their region or growth, processing time, expiry date, weight, price, batch number, potency and size (in case of capsules) too.

All these things come under “necessary information,” and you must ask the manufacturer about it. If there are no details available, you may question about them. And if you don’t get a satisfactory response, you know what to do- buy Kratom from a reputed Kratom seller.

5) An Extremely High Price For Kratom Products

It is not as such a problem, but it is a concern when you have a fixed budget. Talking about the fancy websites, you may see a huge price difference in Kratom products at these sites and on average sites.

Being expensive doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes it’s just a marketing strategy to fool around, as people commonly believe Kratom to be a costly thing. Not all Kratom products are expensive. Kratom powders and crushed leaves are usually the cheapest as they don’t involve any processing. Other products like capsules, extracts, and tincture follow a long process of making and packaging, which adds the cost.

Additionally, if you are searching for rare or superior grade Kratom, it does have a price difference from common strains. So the website that shows a “high” price may not necessarily be overcharging you. Look for the complete details before buying any product. If it is still out of your budget, look for an alternate but primary strain.


Buying Kratom online is not that easy as it sounds. Most of the problems and safety concerns associated with Kratom are due to inappropriate usage, high dosing wrong selection of strain or buying low-grade Kratom.

Knowing all the details on Kratom is as essential as buying from a reputed Kratom vendor. Make sure that you do your homework prior finalizing your Kratom products either online or at local Kratom stores.

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