Kratom or Mitragyna species is a plant native to Southeast Asia. Kratom leaves’ extract is used for herbal medicine. It has several strains according to the geographical area and environment which distinguishes among the different strains of kratom. Each strain has different potency and capacity. Ultra Enhanced Indo is one of them.

Ultra Enhanced Indo is one of the famous and widely used Kratom strains because of its benefits.  This strain is considered to be the relatively stronger strain because of its effects even in low dosage. The reason behind this is that Ultra enhanced Indo includes almost 1500 extra alkaloids to its strain. The potency of this strain also depends on the vendor or the particular Indo strain.

How is Ultra Enhanced Indo made?

Ultra Enhanced Indo is made by dipping plenty of the leaves into water and boils it. Some time some additional kratom laden liquid is also added. Cool down the boiled water and leave it until the additional water evaporates, after that strain the leaves and the extract are used as one of the Indo kratoms.

The affectivity entirely depends on the maker of this extract and his recipe that how he makes it.

Advantages of Ultra Enhanced Indo

Ultra Enhanced Indo is considered to be very beneficial for treating the medical problems with herbs. These are some of its advantages.

  • Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) strain is used as a painkiller and gives relief from all kind of chronic pains.
  • UEI is used to get rid of anxiety and depression. It stimulates the brain nerves related to mod and gives you feeling of good well being.
  • Ultra Enhance Indo helps to deal with fatigues and tiredness.
  • The Strong dosage of Ultra Enhanced Indo has some sedative effects which may help the patients with insomnia.
  • UEI causes the cognition enhancement as well.
  • Even the small dose of Ultra Enhanced Indo is very efficient and stimulating.
  • UEI also gives the drug withdrawal relief and reduces the effects of withdrawal.

Disadvantages of Ultra Enhanced Indo

With many advantages, Ultra Enhanced Indo also has some side effects which are almost negligible. Some of the side effects of Ultra Enhanced Indo are as following:

  • Because of its Ultra Enhanced Indo’s high potency, it is not recommended for regular use.
  • Ultra Enhance Indo’s strong effects can cause some trouble in the process of withdrawing this.
  • UEI is relatively expensive strain than the other strains of kratom.
  • By using this, you may develop a high rate of tolerance.

 Dosage Guide of Ultra Enhanced Indo

When it is about the dosage of Ultra Enhanced Indo, the least dosage is recommended. No matter how many kratom strains you have used before, with this start by taking the dosage of 1gm which makes the one-eighth part of the spoon. And then gradually increase the dosage of no more than half grams. Otherwise, you may face side effects, or you can develop the tolerance for this, and it will also make it hard for you to withdraw from this strain.

Methods of taking Ultra Enhanced Indo

You can choose the way of consuming Ultra Enhanced Indo as you like. Here are some of the alternative methods to take Ultra Enhanced Indo:

  • Making the tea of UEI strain powder and enjoy it with honey or cinnamon.
  • Taking the UEI capsules if you cannot stand the taste of this strain.
  • You can also take UEI strain orally with water.
  • Some people even chew the leaves of the tree, but it has more robust effects and not recommended.
  • Sometimes this is also consumed as an edible like in the form of cookies.

User Reviews

According to the different user reviews which they gave on various websites about UEI, they experience incredible effects.

One of the users said that he used 4 gm of UEI on his empty stomach and went to work, he said even after 11 hours of work he did not feel much tired. And then he took another dose at night, and he felt much better all night too.

Other users also share their experiences that how Ultra Enhanced Indo helped to get through their physical and mental problems. Most of them were satisfied with its effects.


UEI is no doubt the safest and most effective kratom strain but before using it make sure to purchase from trusted vendors with high quality. Because of its stronger effects, be more careful towards the dosage. In case of any allergies or severe side effects, stop using the particular strain immediately and consult the doctor.

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