The Nootropics are being used everywhere nowadays, but the question is what are nootropics?

Nootropics are also known as smart drugs. Nootropics can enhance brain function and make brain activity more efficient and productive. They are supplements used to improve the neural and mind related activity.

Nootropics are synthesized in laboratories and produced in the form of pills or capsules. Nowadays there are many nootropics which are being created massively all around the world and being used by a large number of people from different professions.

Every manufacturer has different formula or ingredients for the nootropics. As a result, each nootropic has different effects on the body.

Origin of Nootropics

The first compound that was considered to be nootropics is ‘Piracetam’. It was invented by a Belgian doctor in 1963.

Originally Piracetam was made for the patients who were having insomnia, but studies showed later that this was not a big success to treat insomnia, but it has other useful properties.

The word ‘Nootropic’ was used by ‘Giurgea’ first time in 1972. He also defines the term nootropics, according to him nootropic was a drug which affects the mind positively and affects the higher level of the brain rather than the lower level.

In 1980 he revised his definition, and according to him, nootropics were something which improves the memory, manages muscle control, protect the brain from injury and increases the ability to learn.

How do Nootropics work?

Every nootropic effect on different body in a different way, even different nootropics have different effects. Remember that the ‘result’ is different than the ‘working mechanism.’

Nootropics do not enhance the IQ level or intelligence level of a person, but it enhances the mental ability of learning and memory for some period as the effects of dose wear off, the benefits vanish too.

Nootropics increase the blood flow to the brain which provides more oxygen and nutrients to the brain which give a boost to the mind, stimulate the brain and improve the cognition functionality. It also helps to maintain the physical health of the body.

Benefits of Nootropics

Every nootropic has different effects on the body, but every nootropic affects brain function and enhances its ability. More or less these are the benefits which nootropics have on the human body:

  • Nootropics are good for the memory. Especially people who are having problems with their short-term memory, these drugs help to remember things.
  • Some nootropics help you to stay active and stress-free. These nootropics are anti-fatigue which are suitable for you if you have a busy and heavy routine in your life.
  • Nootropics help you to focus and attention. You can stay attentive for a more extended period.
  • Nootropics deal with the anxiety and depressions and enhance your mod. Not all nootropics have these properties.

Natural and herbal Nootropics

There are some natural supplements which are also considered to be nootropics because after using these supplements, the cognitive functioning improves the same as after using the nootropics pills. These natural nootropics supplements have no or very few side effects.

Nicotine is considered to be nootropics because after the consumption of this a person feels more energetic and active.

Caffeine is also believed to be nootropic because it stimulates cognitive functionality.

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in the fish and fish oils. These are very beneficial for the mind and its functionality, and it helps for a comparatively long time.

These nootropics are got from natural sources, and because of less processing, the rate of its side effects are also fewer.

Dosage of nootropics

As there are different kinds of nootropics available in the market, every drug has a different effect too.

If you are the new user, you should take doses in small amounts and then you can increase the dosage gradually.

Before using prescribed by a doctor and have the physical examination if necessary, because you may have allergies, this can harm you.

Nootropics come in different form and shape, like capsules, pills, and powder. Some nootropics are water soluble, and some are fat soluble.

Water-soluble can be taken with water, but the fat-soluble drugs should be taken with liquid like milk, etc.

The nootropics drugs which have substantial effects should be taken in small doses otherwise side-effects will be severe.

Misconceptions about Nootropics

This is not true that nootropics can enhance the intelligence or IQ level.

Nootropics just boost the brain activity or functioning for some period as long as the nootropics remain in your blood. Many people who think this is going to profit them in the long run, is not correct.

People also believe that nootropics are going to treat the problems permanently like insomnia. Again its effects wear off as soon as it is out of the system.

People also think that by taking these pills you will magically solve everything and you will not have to work hard.

This is not the case; nootropics only sharpen the brain which helps you to see clearly. These are never a substitute for hard work.


Now you know what are nootropics? By summarizing the whole idea of nootropics, you can say that nootropics can enhance your mental ability for some time and you can perform better after taking them.


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