Living in such an era where tech-savvy products come with many conveniences, but also with many predominant questions of which marijuana vaporizers works best amidst a crowd of diverse options. This choosing spree could be stressful for many who just stepped into the cannabis top-game or planning to return from a very long hiatus.

However, the climate of the ever-changing legalization of cannabis has evolved to all kinds of contemporary gadgets that deliver not only desirable effects with efficiency, safety, and precision but also provide unprecedented quality of flavour. In all that, how would you choose the best vaporizing tool for you from the astonishing number of options in the market?

Portable Oil Vapes

Portable Oil VapesPortable oil based vapes function with a small battery that uses oil instead of raw marijuana leaves. These vapes are the best on-the-go gadget that comes with a low budget and convenient for the mobile oil enthusiast you can buy online at Slick Vapes.

  • Portability: Oil vapes are preferable for their portability and discretion, this vaping tool is perfect for individuals who don’t prefer hassle when it comes to smoking marijuana. Some of the oil-based vaporizers require loading or unloading products while some don’t.
  • Functionality: It comes in neatly sealed oil container. Whereas, some vaporizers could be filled with your cannabis oil. However, getting the correct consistency of cannabis oil can be tricky. These oil-based vapes are the best alternative for those without access to cartridge pens.
  • Effectiveness: Portable vaporizers that look like a stylus or a pen are gaining a lot of popularity because of their mobile functionality. Also, the battery in these vapes is inexpensive. The CO2 inside hits smoothly and lasts a long time in the system. The CO2 in cartridge pen sometimes provide distinctive effects than other types of cannabis oil. This effect varies across brands and strains. Cartridge oil contains a thinning agent to keep the right consistency of the oil in the vaporizers so beware of the ingredients inside the gadget.

Wax Based Vape

Wax Based VapeIf oil is not the game plan, you can always opt for the wax based vaporizer for its discretion and convenience. Slight similar to oil, cannabis wax concentrates provides a very high THC percentage, perfect for people who like the sharp punch of marijuana kick.

  • Portability: Similar to oil-based vapes, wax concentrate vaporizers comes in pen. However, wax pens are slightly different in their design and function. Easy to use, these vapes are mobile, could be carried in a pocket as well as conceal in the palm of your hands.
  • Functionality: Wax pens don’t take time to heat up the concentrate, just a pushup button and you are good to go. The wax vaporizers run off a rechargeable battery that takes minimal time to reach up to their optimal temperature and heat cartomizer. Wax pens are ideal for those who require a tool that works efficiently and provides tasty concentrates via inhalation on-the-go.
  • Effectiveness: Wax based vapers are uniquely designed for vaporizing wax concentrates such as crumble or shatter, or various other oil extracts. These concentrates come in different flavours, aromas, and tastes that provides significant marijuana kick at once. These wax based vapors are usually affordable than table-top or desktop units because of their smaller size and cost-effective material inside. However, it can get pricier as material, features, and vaporize technology updates.

Plant Based Vaping Pen

Plant Based Vaping PenNo matter you like being modernized or old school, you can get marijuana in all vaping formulations.

For individuals who crave traditional use of grinding up marijuana leaves while still prefer a modern way to ease up on the smoke, the plant-based vaping pen is perfect for them. Generally, these pens are advertised as “flower” based that directly pull out the raw THC content from the plant.

  • Portability: These vapes are similar in design that works with smaller battery, having a portable structure to carry it along wherever you go. Generally speaking, providing a real organic marijuana kick, these vaporizers don’t restrict you to one stop at home and are far better than a stationary table-top device.
  • Functionality: When it comes to a feature of flower/plant-based vaporizers, they often are quite limited. Many plant vape gadgets heat the leaves at a fixed temperature which might be too hot to get the flavour out of terpenes. Some vaporizers permit you to control the heat, whereas, this might not allow you to choose a specific temperature. Good news is flower vapes grant you to have more strains compared to portable oil pens.
  • Effectiveness: Although, comparatively to table-top vaporizers, portable vapes do not provide with the temperature control, but they still can provide gradations of each unique strains. With portable vaporizers, you can always customize the temperature if the product tastes burnt or you aren’t getting enough vapor.

Table-Top Vaporizes

Table-Top VaporizesJust like old days when people preferred getting high confined to their homes or individuals who like classic setup would opt for table-top vaporizers.

This old-school device may be an avatar for young casual vape-stoners, it still provides a pretty much large dose of strong marijuana kick.

  • Portability: Since table-top vaporizers need plugging source, these are not mobile enough to carry wherever you go. Best for medical patients, homebodies, and flavour enthusiasts who prefer relaxing at home while enjoying the puff. They generally come with a hose-like mouthpiece, a bag that fills with the vapor so that you can sit, relax and enjoy at your momentum. Due to their size, stationary devices like these are not best for a one-hit-and-done type of people, yet they are a perfect choice for sharing.
  • Functionality: Too clunky when it comes to mobile structure and convenience, this setup lacks in portability but certainly ace in functionality. This instrument tends to provide advanced technology among most vaporizers. Some of the table-top devices would cost you hundreds of dollars but also offer best features. These devices often come up with precise, adjustable temperature control even suitable for having unique effects of different cannabinoids and terpenes perfect for medical benefits.
  • Effectiveness: The specific temperature control feature in the table-top device allows you to get more flavor out of the plant, making it useful for individuals who prefer smoke in different nuance according to their mood. You can determine a correct temperature of your choice of cannabinoids and terpenes to set your vaporizer at a specific number to enjoy the full flavours.

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