Purchasing smoking equipment and utensils over the internet should be fun and carefree. Having said this, it is essential that you are aware of what you are getting yourself into.

Buying online bongs in Australia is not a cheap exercise, and it’s really important that you adhere to all the state and federal regulations apply. Firstly, it is a criminal offense in NSW to purchase smoking equipment if you intend to use it to consume drugs. Naturally, you cannot obtain the device illegally, as this is also a crime. So, if you’re looking to use online bongs for legal purposes only, here are several things you should consider before purchasing.

Price range

When purchasing online bongs, it’s incredibly important that you have a set budget in mind. It’s very similar to buying any other item – there are different types and variations of the same good, all of which are positioned at different price levels. Once you have figured out what your maximum price is, then start checking out web catalogs. There’s no point looking at something you can’t afford!

The cheapest, high-quality online bongs will generally go for around $50 to $60. However, the more high-end products and brands will cost you a lot more. How much? Well, some of the best equipment out there can go for as much as $400 per unit. And then there are crazy, exquisite models that go for over $50 000! Indeed, these products are generally tailored for the more serious smokers, many of whom genuinely care about brand and perceived quality.


Likewise, you also want to know what type of material you should probably get. Be sure to hop on the internet and check out all the available brands and products before making a final purchase. So what type of styles and materials are available?


If you want something durable and popular, then a simple glass device will serve you well. It will also provide the cleanest and purest taste. More importantly, glass devices are easier to clean and maintain, purely because you can see into the device and evaluate whether it needs to be cleaned.


Ceramic online bongs are also quite popular as well. Having said this, they are quite fragile, so you wouldn’t want to be moving this device too much, otherwise, it might get damaged easily. Nonetheless, ceramic devices are perfect for the creatives amongst us, who might want to spark up their online bongs with some color and character.

You can certainly add a bit more artistry to the design, like fancy, unique patterns and bright, vivid colors. Furthermore, they’re also a lot cheaper than the high-end, premium glass utensils.


Silicone online bongs are also widely sold and available. The models of silicone models can also feature nice colors and patterns. Like ceramic models, silicone-based equipment is also quite cheap, particularly compared to glass models.


Finally, there are plenty of different styles when it comes to online bongs. Indeed, if you’re new to the scene, then you’ll want to read on to determine which model is going to work best for your needs.

The straight tube

The straight tube is a classic. It features the most straightforward design, with an elongated tube. There is a mouthpiece at one end and a bowl placement at the bottom.

The round base

The round base model features a thing slender smoking tube; however, it has a large spherical smoking chamber at the base.

The beaker

The beaker model has become one of the most popular designs in recent years. They have grown in popularity because of their ease of use and stability. Similar to the round base, the beaker model has a large, beaker-shaped base, with a slender smoking tube.

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