The CBD market is rapidly growing as consumers are moving away from the typical skincare products we’ve been used to for so long as switching to CBD alternatives based on the host of benefits they offer us mentally and physically.

CBD skincare goods can be used to heal inflammation, soreness, dryness, aches, and pains. When we speak about skincare goods, we don’t just mean lotions, creams, and soaps. We also include body butter, vapes, balms, and gummies in that bracket. It is down to your tastes and preferences regarding how you would like to apply/ consume CBD. You can buy just CBD gummies online.

Benefits of CBD on Skin

There are many benefits that CBD offers consumers. These benefits are most noticeable; however, there are some mental state benefits, too which make these products stand out from other skincare goods.

Firstly, CBD products are good at targeting skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. These are some highly common skin conditions that CBD can help to aid.

CBD can also regulate your oil production. It does this through the associated hormones and lowers excess sebum. While on the topic of hormones, we can also mention that they can control certain hormonal levels, stopping harmful compounds from being released into our bodies in times of stress. An example of one of these compounds would be nitric oxide.

CBD moisturizes our skin and keeps it looking healthy. It makes sure that our skin is always hydrated, and this will remove dead, dry skin that doesn’t look very pleasing on our skin. It can help our lips too. Lip balms are easier to carry around with us than skin lotions, so why not buy CBD SPF lip balm by Loxa Beauty from this online store and reap the benefits on the go.

How To Apply?

Applying CBD is easy to do. The process remains the same whether it is body butter, balms, soaps, oils, or lotions. 

Begin with small doses, to ensure you don’t experience any side effects. Gently massage the CBD product into your skin, targeting the affected areas. Continue to rub the cream in for around 10 – 20 seconds, until it is fully soaked into the surface of your skin. Then you can leave the skincare product to work its magic. 

In some cases, you will see the benefits immediately as your skin becomes instantly hydrated. Then over hours and days of sticking to the routine, you will notice the difference in your skin’s health.

Is It Safe?

CBD skincare products are completely safe. They pose no harm that any other product in this industry couldn’t. There may be instances with some people that cause allergic reactions to the cream; if this is the case, seek help from your medical professional before using the product again. Also, if you dose too high as a beginner, you may experience side effects like nausea.

CBD skincare products do not contain THC. THC is the chemical compound derived from cannabis that can make you experience psychoactive side effects, also known as feeling “high”. It is illegal for a CBD product to contain over 0.3% THC, meaning you remain completely safe. Any legit CBD store will also have all their products put through third-party testing to ensure there are no issues.

What To Consider?

If you’re not entirely convinced, you can consider some factors before purchasing a CBD product. For example, CBD industry expert Tautvydas Sutkus from said to look out for the following: Is it legal? Is the brand reputable? Any third-party testing? Versatility in CBD oil? If you purchase from Loxa Beauty, then rest assured Dr. Laura Geigaite has you covered.

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