Marijuana has been around for decades now and has been prohibited for a long time in Canada and other countries as well. Nevertheless, there are legalized alternatives for a medical Cannabis prescription. This begs the question of which patients qualify for a Cannabis prescription in Canada?

A patient can get medical marijuana prescriptions if at all, they meet the qualifying conditions set aside. For instance, In Canada, the procedure tends to be personalized such that if you want to try Cannabis prescription and get a go-ahead from your doctor, then you are qualified to use Medical Cannabis.

Bryan Hendit, Head of Apollo Applied Research pointed out that a good number of patients are struggling with severe back pains, anxiety, poor sleep, PTSD, depression, cancer, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis among others. These ailments can be controlled through the use of Medical Cannabis. Word has it that Cannabis reduces epileptic spasms and relieves painful eye pressure commonly triggered by Glaucoma. In other studies, Cannabinoids were found to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Where To Start The Prescription Process of Cannabis?

In Canada, the process of starting a medical Marijuana prescription starts by talking to your personal/family doctor. Some doctors will approve while others won’t since the drug has a record of stigma; therefore some are not well informed about its medical value. Therefore, you should have valid reasons to support your interest in using prescription Cannabis. It will help your doctor understand where you are coming from in case they are not in support of Medical cannabis prescription.

Your dialogue should be about the benefits as well as determents of Cannabis therapy. If your physician remains adamant, you should bear in mind that they have your best interest at heart. There could be a valid health-related reason why they don`t want you to try medicinal Marijuana. Your GP`s recommendations should be taken with a lot of weight; therefore, it should not be ignored.

When to visit a medical Cannabis Clinic?

You may fail to get approval from your GP, and you feel that you still want to try medical Cannabis. In such a case, you can visit a medical marijuana clinic. Ensure that you carry all your official documents that show your medical state and needs. If you suspect that your case may fail to be approved for cannabis prescriptions, contact your clinic of choice before planning an appointment.

The documents you are expected to carry are a referral note, a note from your GP, a prescription bottle, consultation notes, and summary of hospital discharge, X-Ray / MRI results or even an accident report.

The Effects of Cannabis Prescription

The major elements in Cannabis are CBD and THC, and these are bound to have an influence on patients. Marijuana high is one of the effects of THC plus minor side effects such as anxiety and paranoia. CBD, on the other hand, enhances a calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effect. However, Most certified producers offer a version that contains CBD only thereby hindering the negative effects of THC. This version of Marijuana is ideal for use when treating spasms, anxiety or inflammation.

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