Marijuana strains with high THC levels have become increasingly potent over the last few decades, and we now have some excellent strains to show for it. Growing methods that maximize THC levels have also improved.

Why not join in the fun and grow your high thc seeds? Here are some of the most THC-rich strains available today.

High THC Is What We Love

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is widely used in recreational marijuana because it produces a high. Marijuana strains with a high THC content provide a strong high to the user.

THC can affect your brain, memory, and coordination. It accomplishes this by attaching to and activating your body’s cannabinoid receptors present in everyone.

This is what causes the high feeling.

The buds of marijuana plants contain the most THC. As a result, growers strive to increase their plants’ buds’ quantity, size, and stickiness. This stickiness is caused by the resin produced on the buds of marijuana plants, which are also high in THC.

How to Grow Marijuana with the Most THC

While selecting the right strain is critical, numerous grow techniques and external factors will determine how potent your plants will become. Your choices as a grower can have a significant impact.

Choosing the appropriate location (indoors or outdoors) is a good starting place. When growing indoors, you have more control over the environmental factors, but it also costs more money and time.

While growing marijuana indoors has risks, the growing environment can be more controlled based on the needs of your plants. Continue reading to find out if this is the ideal growing location.

Optimize the environment (i.e., temperature and humidity levels) and lighting, whether grown indoors or outdoors. If everything is in order, your plants will reward you with a significant THC.

High THC Strains

Genetics also play a role in the development of strong weed. Begin with high-quality seeds and select the best strains. The following marijuana strains have the highest THC levels.

Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream is one of the most THC-rich strains. Like the other strains listed in this article, it has an extremely high THC level of around 21%. Blue Dream is a hybrid strain, which means it crosses sativa and indica strains (although it is heavier in sativa genes).

This marijuana strain is well known for its mild body high, leading to more creative thinking. It is trendy and one of the most sought-after weed strains, possibly due to its superior flavor: expect a fruit taste and smell and a euphoric feeling when smoking it.

Blue Dream has medicinal properties as well, as it works exceptionally well to relieve headaches, calm anxiety, and alleviate depression and its symptoms.

Blue Dream is the most popular marijuana strain grown in the United States, and for a good reason. Blue Dream marijuana plants are not only one of the highest THC strains but also one of the most straightforward strains to grow and are easily available on Seed Supreme.

Even if you don’t have an expensive setup or invest a lot of money in your growing operation, the yield is always good.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain

The Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain, like the actual Girl Scout Cookies, is a huge hit. It is one of the highest THC strains, with about 21% THC, and is popular among marijuana smokers. Its flavor is best described as earthy and sweet. When you smoke Girl Scout Cookies, you’ll likely feel relaxed but not depressed: you’ll experience euphoria as you’ve never felt before.

Aside from these effects, smoking Girl Scout Cookies has medicinal value. It can alleviate pain and nausea, as well as stimulate the appetite.

Girl Scout Cookies have received several honors. Some strains are crossbred with White Widow XTRM to produce the densest buds possible. Girl Scout Cookies are also a hybrid strain, though its genetics are roughly 20% sativa and 80% indica.

Gold Leaf Strain

Gold Leaf is a hybrid strain with an indica base. This marijuana strain has one of the highest THC levels, at 21%. It produces a euphoric and relaxing high and is known for smoking very smoothly.

Because it is frequently used for people suffering from anxiety, stress, and other related issues, it serves as an excellent tool for falling asleep more easily at night. The plant itself is distinctive in that it has massive colas and grows to highly tall heights.

This plant is also high in CBD, making it an excellent medicinal strain. It has an extremely high yield on average and grows best in a sunny climate similar to the Mediterranean.

Amnesia Haze Strain

Amnesia Haze is a sativa dominant strain that only grows to a medium height, unlike the Gold Leaf strain. It has a strong flavor and usually has a sweet or spicy (or both) flavor.

The high from smoking an Amnesia Haze bud is head-focused mainly, and it takes less than a quarter of an hour to knock you out. The thing about Amnesia Haze is that it wears off quickly while it has a solid social and uplifting effect. This can be a significant benefit for some people.

Plants with Amnesia Haze have dark lime green colored buds known for their crystal coating. The plants appear to be in good health, with full calyxes, crystals, and hairs mostly red-orange in color.

Many breeders prefer to breed strains that have been crossbred with Amnesia Haze or are otherwise based on this strain.

Despite its high THC content, Amnesia Haze has a positive medical impact. It is frequently used to treat migraines, nausea, and even fear and depression. People suffering from anxiety, ADD or ADHD, PMS, or even Fibromyalgia prefer Amnesia Haze to alleviate or control their symptoms.

Harvesting Tips for the Highest THC Cannabis Strains

One of the most critical aspects of increasing the THC content of your buds is harvesting them at the right time. Timing is everything in this case; harvest too early, and you’ll lose out on extra potency. If you gather too late, the THC will have begun to degrade. During this final stage, keep a close eye on your plants. Keep an eye on the trichomes; when they begin to turn amber in color, it’s time to harvest.

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