There may be days when you are so exhausted from a long day at work that just one puff of smoke to unwind sounds the best thing in the world. However, leaving your house to get it? It seems a bit too much. Here is where Pelican Delivers comes forth. The first and only patented cannabis delivery software in the world is Pelican Delivers.

It connects customers with their preferred and trusted dispensaries. This pot delivery platform allows them to place orders for pick up or delivery from the comfort of their home. It sounds like paradise for all cannabis users out there but read ahead to see if they can live up to their name.

The Aim of Pelican Delivers

Pelican Delivers is a cannabis delivery service website that allows you to buy marijuana from the top dispensaries in your neighborhood area. It was created in 2017 by Dave and Tina Comeau. They aim to simplify buying and shipping your favorite plant, vaporizers, extracts, edibles, and more for their devoted Pelican Delivers customers as simple as possible.

Pelican Delivers is not a cannabis delivery business but a technology firm. This service enables you to enter your address, see nearby dispensaries, and place your order for pickup or delivery. For customers, the process is straightforward: you place and pay for an order on the Pelican website. A local driver picks up and delivers your goods to your home, without ever getting out of your seat.

Advantages of Using Pelican Delivers Over Self-Pickup

Individuals all around the world are purchasing food and household items online. Whenever they do not seem like cooking, people order supper and beverages from their neighborhood eateries. It not only saves a lot of time, but it also helps them to handle things they need to take care of without having to go to the market. Going to a cannabis shop is, as we all know, a relaxing time. However, going to the local dispensary for an hour to read about the trends is not always possible. So, what is the next best option?

A cannabis delivery service, such as Pelican Delivers, is suitable for people who are too busy to take a break from work or life. These customers know what products they want or want to keep their smoking habits private and do not want to get seen at the local dispensary. Moreover, cannabis delivery services like Pelican Delivers can help people with medical conditions that prevent them from driving and individuals who want more freedom and convenience in their lives.

Dispensaries Affiliated with Pelican Delivers

Pelican Delivers works with the best, state-licensed cannabis shops and independent hired drivers to provide the best product and service possible. The home delivery company has become profitable and an integral aspect of partner dispensaries’ corporate structures. Additionally, it enables them to have a comprehensive digital commerce platform that is simple to use and set up almost immediately.

There are numerous dispensaries that deliver with Pelican Delivers. Many dispensaries work collaboratively with Pelican Delivers, including Pend Oreille Cannabis Company, Secret Herb Shop, House of Cannabis, and Terp Cannabis.

Since various areas have different dispensaries, the dispensaries readily accessible to you will always vary depending on your location. As of now, Pelican Delivers serves the Western Washington communities of Bremerton, Port Hadlock, and Silverdale. Furthermore, it is dependent on the legality of cannabis in different states. So make sure you join up with Pelican Delivers to see what dispensaries that deliver are open in your vicinity.

Cannabis Product Types Available Through Pelican Delivers

Pelican collaborates directly with the farmers and brands that customers have come to know and trust. They display the menu of your preferred cannabis store in HD quality, with product descriptions, customer reviews, and CBD percentages. Cannabis users may sort by companies and strains that they prefer for their pot delivery.

Since almost every other person is looking for differing products, the service ensures that their collaborations include all kinds of cannabis products. These include dispensaries providing smoking flowers, cannabis concentrates, cannabis-infused edibles, tinctures, topicals, and so much more. Keep in mind that any discounted products at these cannabis suppliers will only be available through Pelican Delivers.

Payment Methods

When you purchase products from the local dispensary, there’s always a chance that you might forget your card back home or get short on cash. We all can agree that no one likes to go back to the house to grab the extra money. But with Pelican Delivers, you do not have to worry about any of that. From the comfort of your own home, you can effortlessly make payments and receive your products.

The service supports two payment options. Firstly, you can make payments through AeroPay, which lets you directly transfer the amount to the affiliated business’ bank. But other than that, you can also pay through Pelican Delivers’ app.

Delivery Rates and Timings

Even though all the local dispensaries are at different distances from your house, you can expect an average delivery time of around 30-45 minutes. Moreover, all the distributions are through Pelican-contracted delivery drivers, which means your order is always in safe hands. The service charges a convenience fee of $5 for order pickups and an additional $1 per mile for the distance travelled to your location.

Social Media Presence

Pelican Delivers is active on many social media sites. In return, this enables them to expand the client base. The Kratom users who want to stay up to date on their newest deals, special promotion offers, and discount coupons should check out their website or social media pages frequently.


Many people do not always have the option to drop by the local dispensary and buy cannabis products, which is why services like Pelican Delivers are necessary. And due to all the benefits they bring along, there’s no reason not to use this delivery service!

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