A Cherry Angioma, commonly known as a red mole, is a benign growth under the skin that is made up of blood vessels. The damaged vessels inside the tumor are the reason for its bright red color. Sometimes, a big Angioma happens in areas like the back or the shoulder, which is very inconvenient because the mole gives a hideous appearance. Therefore, the methods of Cherry Angioma removal are crucial for cosmetic purposes.

What is a Cherry Angioma like?

Cherry Angiomas are striking for their cherry red colors. The figure of a red mole is diverse in sizes and shapes. It could come in an oval shape, a diamond shape or just only a tiny red spot on the skin. Commonly, if there is no underlying problem, the biggest mole is still less than 1cm in diameter. The texture of the mole is also varied between people as it could be either smooth or bumpy.

What are the causes of Cherry Angiomas?

The precise reason of Cherry Angiomas is still a question. Most scientists agree that it is associated with genetic factors.  However, some studies have discovered the correlations between red moles and other factors such as exposure to toxins, pregnancy, or even climate change.

Although Cherry Angiomas can occur in any groups of age, the prevalence is higher in those who are beyond their 30s. The numbers and sizes of the red moles also increase as people get older.

Are Cherry Angiomas dangerous?

Usually, Cherry Angiomas are not serious because these growths are not malignant. However, the red moles inflicted by injuries may cause frequently bleeding.  You should seek medical attention if notice any significant change in the ABCDE of red moles. ABCDE respectively stands for asymmetry, borders, color, diameter, and evolving bigger. These characteristics might be signs of a cancerous tumor.

What are the solutions to Cherry Angiomas?

People can be distressed emotionally because of the unsightly red moles or irritated by the friction of clothes on the Angiomas. Therefore, several Cherry Angioma removal methods are available.

Shave Excision

This is a minor surgery in which the outermost layer of the skin will be removed by a small blade. The Angioma thereby is eliminated along with the cut-off skin. This method requires no sutures, and the medication is given so that patients will not suffer from pain and bleeding.


Also known as electrocautery, in which the red moles will be burned by an electrical current delivered by a tiny device on the skin. Safety measures must be taken to prevent electrocution. People with a history of cardiac diseases must also be cautious.

Laser Therapy

The principal of this Cherry Angioma removal is to use the pulsed dye laser (PDL) to diminish the red Angioma. The PDL, which consists of a concentrated yellow laser, will generate sufficient heat to burn the red moles. Laser surgery is a quick procedure, and you can go home after the treatment. However, the affected areas may suffer from slight bruises for a week.


As you can infer from the name, this method involves freezing. Liquid nitrogen is applied on the Angioma by a probe or a cotton swab. The intense cold of liquid nitrogen will destroy the growth. This method is simple and usually takes less than 1minute. Also, cryosurgery does not require much aftercare, and it has a lower chance of infection compared to other Cherry Angioma removal methods.

Cherry Angioma Removal at Home

All of the four techniques mentioned above are procedures that must be done at professional health facilities. Although the chance is not high, you may have a risk of unsightly scars.

If you could not afford a surgery, there are economical and effective natural remedies to get rid of Cherry Angiomas.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the first line in removing red moles. The acidic character of the vinegar will destroy the growth. All you need are cotton balls and some adhesive bandage.

First, you apply the vinegar directly into the red mole with the cotton balls. After that, secure the cotton ball with a bandage for 6-8 hours.  Follow this procedure every day, and the cherry angioma should fade away in 3 weeks.

Sour Apple Juices

The juice from green apples is also a reasonable alternative for apple vinegar. Apply sour apple juice thrice a day onto the red mole. You must practice this remedy daily to achieve the result in a few weeks.


Garlic has always been an effective herbal remedy for dermal conditions such as psoriasis and cutaneous horn. Use fresh garlic cloves to rub the Cherry Angioma gently then keep the garlic attached to your skin through the night with a bandage. Remember to wash again in the morning to prevent the odor.  Usually, the red mole will be eliminated in 2 weeks.

Castor Oil

The essential oil from castor beans is a great Cherry Angioma removal. Apply the oil directly to your mole and stick a bandage to the area for a few hours. Repeat the process daily, and the effort will pay off in less than a week.

Finally, there is a broad range of Cherry Angioma removal that you can choose. However, you still need to be cautious when taking in any types of treatment or remedy at home. Also, you should be aware of abnormalities like the red mole become bigger and painful or any change in color. Please consult a professional dermatologist about your Cherry Angioma removal conditions.



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