Suffering from back pain? Here are some Do’s and don’ts that can help you get ample relief:

The Don’ts for Back Pain

DON’T Sit Down for Longer Periods of Time

The practice may lead to shortening of the hip flexors. This also leads to rounding of the shoulders. In case, you have a desk job, get up and walk around for at least 20 minutes every few hours. This will help relieve back pain.

DON’T Sleep on Stomach

This is known to be the worst position for the back. It puts a lot of pressure on the neck. The position may also lead to constant neck and head pain during the day. So sleep with a pillow between your knees while keeping legs straight.

DON’T Look Down

These days, most people spend time bending looking at phones and devices. Avoid this. In fact, focus on looking up!

The Do’s for Back Pain

DO Be Mindful of your Posture

Start observing what your body does on a day to day activities. Avoid activating your abs, sitting in ‘skew-if’ position or slouching. If you are in the US, then search for the best physiotherapists who are highly trained in diagnosing the joints and muscles. Physiotherapy Hamilton Institute uses the latest technology to examine the body and offer the best treatment for back pain.

DO Regular Stretching

Do you suffer from the typical ‘Donald duck’ posture? Then you need to shift your focus on ip flexors (primarily psoas major) and lats. If ‘c’ shaped spine is your problem, emphasize on your pec major, minor, and hamstrings. It is also helpful to do some backbends. Do not ignore levator scapulae muscle.

DO Strengthen Core Muscle Groups

Core muscles are not just for shaping ‘six-pack’ abs. These muscles comprise of the following:

– Spinal muscles (primarily multifidus)

– Deep tranversus abdominis

– Lower back

– Internal & external obliques

– Pelvic floor

It is crucial to strengthen scapula muscles accountable for a retraction (such as trapezius)

DO Front and Back Squats and Deadlifts

It is important to check your form. Although there are several instructions and techniques available online these days, make sure you start really light. Lift carefully and under the guidance of a medical professional.

DO Foam Rolling

Experts believe that foam rolling is one of the best things that can be done for your back. These are affordable and worth the efforts.

DO Get Massaged

Remedial massages for back may hurt. However, these are very helpful for back pain. So speak to your doctor and get it done under professional guidance. You can also use Mela Miracle which offers natural pain relief.

DO Keep Hydrated

Water among other elements is filled in the discs between vertebrae. Dehydration may lead to back pain due to reduced ‘spongy-ness’ between vertebrae.

DO Get the Right Mattress

For back-related problems, it is important to choose a firm mattress. Choose one that offers you back ample support and comfort.

DO Check Your Mattress

Are you waking up sore and stiff each morning? It is time to check your mattress. When did you last replace it? Since your body places a lot of pressure on the mattress, the foam deforms with the passage of times. Make sure you flip the mattress over at least twice a year to investigate for any dents, divots, dents, breakage, and wear and tear. If you see any spots where the mattress is not springing back as it did earlier, get a new one. Experts recommend changing the mattress every 5 to 7 years.

DO Sleep Smart

Sleeping on the stomach is known to be the worst sleep position for the back. The position puts the neck in a more extended, rotated way. It also puts maximum strain on the joints. Sleeping either on the side or back with pillows for support is known to be the best sleep position for back. A body pillow will provide support to your body weight between your knees while sleeping on side. It also helps align your arms. If you wish to sleep on the back, place a pillow between your knees.

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