To keep your teeth healthy, you need to observe what kind of foods you’re consuming, especially sugary foods or drinks. Sugar may look very tempting and harmless but know that it’s a slow poison; it can badly impact your teeth and gums. This article will discuss how sugar affects our dental health and what we can do to stop this.

Sugar cause mouth acidity & leads to bacterial growth

The human mouth consists of countless bacteria in Saliva – some of these bacteria are good while others are very harmful. Sugar feeds bad bacteria and produces acids which drive up the PH. This imbalance can lead to a more acidic environment in the mouth. The acid levels can be raised for twenty minutes or more, which can damage your tooth enamel, which is the protective outer layer of teeth. This damage creates dental decay, also known as cavities.

Sugar cause gum disease in the mouth 

These bacteria that occur when you consume sugar turn into plaque that irritates your gums and can eventually lead to swelling and even bleeding called periodontitis. This condition affects the gums and bones that support your teeth in best dental implants denver. As the plaque starts to gather, it will lead to the formation of tartar, which is a hardened, crusty material. Tartar left on the teeth will cause your gums to pull away from your teeth, allowing bacteria to move below the gum line. This process eventually can lead to severe gum diseases such as gingivitis and receding gums and the need for complex procedures to repair the damage.

Effects of solid sugars

Sugar comes in different forms; one of the most common is solid white processed cheese found in candies, bubble gums, and foods. These solid sugars are harmful because they leave many extras on our teeth that are difficult for saliva to wash away.

Effects of liquid sugars

The liquid form of sugar is found in most sodas and sugar-sweetened drinks (also in energy drinks). This form of sugar is actually like fizzing with a toxic mouthwash. Liquid sugar moves everywhere in the mouth, covering teeth and gum tissue. As a result, the sticky film sits in your mouth, the bad bacteria begin to breed, and acid slowly breaks up tooth enamel. It covers gums, where bacteria can lead to periodontal disease and cause bad breath.

Effects of not brushing after consuming sugar

To control these dental health problems, brush as soon as possible after eating. But if you are being careless. In severe cases, it may lead to your oral health, such as the breakdown of connective tissue and tooth loss and the need for expensive restorations like bridges, implants, or dentures.

How to maintain your dental health?

It’s impossible to skip sugar from your diet. So you don’t need to cut off sugar to avoid your dental health issues or maintain good oral hygiene. You can still have your favorite desserts while keeping healthy teeth & gums; if you follow a proper dental care routine, like Brush your teeth twice a day – morning and before bed, regularly visit the dentist; to identify & treat cavities and gum disease as early as possible.

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