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Laughing Lion Herbs is a prime Kratom seller having a retail office in a popular state of the United States – Colorado. They have invested a good amount to establish an excellent infrastructure to maintain the highest possible standards. The pictures of the beautifully managed retail store are displayed on the official website.

This business has been operating in the local as well as a global market since 2014. It’s been more than 7 years now that this merchant is serving us in the best possible way it can.

It is one of the few brands that have successfully survived in the Speciosa industry for such a long time. This brand has not only survived but also established a good relationship with the buyers to ensure exponential growth in the near future.

One thing that attracts buyers the most is the availability of a cGMP facility. This brand is certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA) and follows every standard to make sure that every single customer is getting safe, pure, and fresh Kratom strains and other products as discussed below.

Laughing Lion Herbs imports Kratom from the trusted farms in Indonesia where the experienced native farmers utilize matured leaves to prepare Speciosa powder. This way, they preserve all-important alkaloids to get the maximum out of this plant. Let’s have a look at what this store offers?

What Does This Store Have For Me?

This store carries a varied inventory consisting of 5 different major categories that are further divided into subcategories as listed and elaborated below. Let’s get into the specifics.

1. Kratom

The simplest form of Mitragyna you can get from this seller is fresh leaves. You can directly chew on them as the natives do. It is the easiest way to take Speciosa without consuming much of your time.

The Korth powder is another product being sold in this store. You can ingest the powder using the “toss and wash” method by putting it under your tongue and drinking a glass of water after it.

Moreover, this merchant also provides you with an opportunity to enjoy the influence of Speciosa capsules. They may help you overcome the bitter taste of the plant.

Extracts are also available to get the most potent experience of your Korth journey. Moreover, eSports Speciosa shots are also high in demand. If you are in love with this item, it is the best time for you to take it.

Kratom samples are also available at fair pricing. If you are concerned about the product quality, you can buy these samples with a minimum amount.

Best-selling Korth products include Infinity Enhanced Electrobuzz Blend, Premium White Maeng Da Kratom Powder, Rocket Buzz, Infinity Enhanced Fuzzy Blanket Blend, Golden Thai Kratom Powder Blend, Ryujin Blend Kratom Powder, and many others.

Interestingly, you can get all the items in four different colors including green, white, red, and gold veins.

2. WOW Series

The two different products in this series are:

  • WOW Capsules
  • WOW Liquid Shots

3. Vaporizers

Da Vinci Dry Herb Miqro and Da Vinci Dry Herb IQ2 are the two different vaporizers being sold on Laughing Lion Herbs.

4. KAVA Root & Extracts

This is another popular category that consists of two premium products including KAVA Extract Powder 30% Kavalactones and Fiji KAVA Root Powder.

5. Clothing & LLH Gear

The products included in this section are women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and unisex clothing. It also has LLH logo gear, logo beanies, and hats.

Apart from the above-mentioned items, you can also purchase THC-free CBD Flower for making tea or vaping.

Does This Brand Lab-Test Its Products?

The major concern of this evolving brand is to satisfy all the buyers by providing them with supreme quality in the freshest form. Lab-testing is a regular procedure and independent experts perform detailed testing to evaluate every single Kratom batch before displaying it on the official store. These tests check every item for salmonella, preservatives, heavy metals, and other noxious chemicals.

Is Laughing Lion Herbs A Cost-Effective Platform?

Compared to the quality this brand offers, the prices are pretty reasonable and almost every buyer can enjoy their products. Let’s have a look at the complete price list.

  • Kratom: $3.97 – $200.00
  • Vaporizers: $69.00 – $17.00
  • WOW Series: $12.97 – $150.00
  • KVA Root and Extracts: $9.97 – $124.97
  • CBD Flower: $24.97 – $149.97
  • Clothing and LLH Gear: $18.50 – $71.50

Benefit From Affiliate Program

You can get up to 50% commission through this amazing program. The different packages are silver, gold, platinum, ultra, and custom. For the silver package, there is no restriction for you to have a specific audience and you get 25% of every sale you generate. Other packages come with an audience requirement (200k to 5 million) and you can enjoy a 50% commission on every sale.

Is There Any Other Discount/Offer?

Yes, the special rewards program provides you with exclusive discounts and amazing offers as listed below.

Earn Points

  • You can earn +500 points by creating a new account
  • Birthday reward also includes +500 points
  • If you are making a purchase, you will get 3 points for every single dollar you invest

Get Rewards

  • Once you collect 1000 points, you will get 10% OFF storewide
  • 1700 points will give you a free RMK Kratom Shot worth $17.00
  • You can enjoy 20% OFF if you have 2000 points
  • If you want to enjoy 50% OFF storewide, you will have to collect 4500 points

Apart from that, you can also get free gifts. For this, you will have to visit the retail store located in Colorado and become a member of the local SMS list of Laughing Lion Herbs. You can drop a text message to 855-638-8073 with the code “KRATOMCO” to join the SMS list. If you are not living in Colorado, you can sign up through the official website to get regular updates.

Shipping Policy

If you have ordered something worth over $100, you are lucky enough to get absolutely free shipping to your doorstep. You can also benefit from the same-day shipping facility. The seller doesn’t ship your orders on Saturday unless you inform them earlier. The parcels are mostly shipped using USPS and FedEx services.

Does This Seller Accept Returns/Exchanges?

If you are not satisfied with the product quality and you want to get your money back, you can claim your return within 30 days of placing your order. Don’t forget to contact the customer services department at [email protected] before you send your product back to the seller. It will help you get a successful refund or exchange.

How Can I Pay?

You are free to pay them through any method you find the most suitable. Apple Pay and Google Pay are the popular options for international transactions. Similarly, Visa and MasterCard services are also readily accessible. If you are deeply involved in the cryptocurrency world, the good news is; you can also use your crypto wallet to buy any product from Laughing Lion Herbs.

Are The Buyers Satisfied With This Seller?

As you know, customers always look for the vendor’s credibility before having a look at what precisely it is selling in the market. Being a leading Kratom brand, Laughing Lion Herbs has captured the attention of a large community of loyal and pleased buyers. They are not only happy with the product quality but are also in love with the services being offered to them. You can check for customers’ reviews before investing anything.

Final Words

Laughing Lion Herbs is a Colorado-based AKA certified Kratom seller that has been serving the whole world since 2014. Along with a wide range of Kratom products, you can also purchase CBD flowers, clothing, LLH gears, vaporizers, and KAVA root and extracts.

Are you short on time? Don’t want to waste your money by purchasing Kratom strains from a random vendor? Worried about the product authenticity?

Well, with no more worries, you can completely trust Laughing Lion Herbs as this seller offers superb quality at competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I live in Alabama. Does this seller ship Korth to my state?

Answer: Alabama is one of the US states that is facing a complete Kratom ban. Laughing Lion Herbs doesn’t ship its products to any place where Speciosa is declared illegal. So, you won’t be able to get your parcel in Alabama.

Question: How can I benefit from same-day shipping?

Answer: If you have placed your order and cleared the payment before 04:00 pm EST, the seller will ship your order within 24 hours. This service remains available 5 days a week – Monday to Friday.

Question: How many retail stores does this brand have?

Answer: Well, it has two different retail stores; one in Castle Rock and the other is located in Colorado Springs. You can visit any of them at any time to get familiar with the standards they follow to provide you with premium-quality and all-natural products.

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