If you’re a smoker who finds it difficult to quit, consider switching to vapes. Vaping, without a doubt, surpasses smoking in many aspects.

You can significantly reduce the toxicity you would have acquired from smoking by using vape products. It is because you inhale vapor rather than smoke.

Vaping dry herbs also have a cleaner and more pleasant flavor than smoking, which is why we’ve researched the finest portable dry herb vaporizers for you by Green Society.

Black Mamba

The Black Mamba’s appearance is the first feature you’ll note about it; it should be impossible for a vape this inexpensive to look this beautiful. However, a vaporizer’s appearance means nothing if it doesn’t work or breaks quickly.

But thankfully, the Black Mamba satisfies both criteria.

Despite the reasonable expense, the designers chose high-quality materials. Its casing has a strong, heat-resistant plastic that is incredibly elegant and feels fantastic in your palm. Moreover, the airway uses glass, which happens to be the best for directing steam.

It also works admirably and is quite simple to use. The  1600mAh battery powers its conduction oven, heating your herbs in under 20 seconds, which is unheard of for a vape at this price bracket.

Firefly 2 Plus                                                    

In the realm of cannabis vaporizers, convection heating was supposedly the next big thing. Regrettably, technology has failed to live up to its promise.

Theoretically, convection heating extracts the most from your bud while preventing combustion and improving flavor and aroma. And according to users, this is one of the very few vapes out there with convection heating that gets it right. But on top of the on-demand heating, this product only needs three seconds to produce the vapors. Understandably so, the texture and aroma are second to none.   

Volcano Digit

Even though it is a decade old, the Volcano Digit arguably has one of the finest reputations in the market. It works by pumping air into the unit using a vacuum system. This air is then heated to the point where the cannabinoids in your cannabis evaporate, filling a balloon. You may release your balloon from the apparatus after it’s full of air and enjoy the vapors. It’s safe to say that the Volcano is a vape you can trust in terms of quality, durability, and performance. The product’s sole drawback is that it requires routine maintenance since replacement balloons are a necessity. Consequently, this will most likely cost you an additional £30 – £40 each year.

The Crafty+ Plus

The Crafty+ delivers essentially the same superior efficiency as other high-end vapes, but at a fraction of the size and cost.

It features a dual heating and vapor cooling unit despite its small size. Due to this, its vapor output is second to none.

Finally, it features Bluetooth connectivity, which is something that even most expensive vaporizers lack.

The Crafty+ Plus can be synced with your smartphone, allowing you to further customize your vaping experience by changing the temperature, automatic shutdown, and boost mode.

Some users report that the Crafty+ has a below-par battery life, which may be a deal-breaker for some.


As you can see, there are many high-quality dry herb vaporizers out there. But before getting your hands on one, make sure the desired vape has every essential feature at a reasonable price point.

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