E-cigarettes have taken the world by storm as the modern alternative to regular cigarettes. They are advertised all over the place and are also being sold in stores. The main attraction to the modern alternatives is that they can still deliver your hit of nicotine without the other hidden chemicals that are in regular cigarettes.

But with all the hype around them, most people don’t know what they are how they work. Below we are going to go into detail about all the things that you should know about e-cigarettes.

How do they work?

These devices provide nicotine to the user through an aerosol rather than the traditional tobacco smoke. When you puff through the mouthpiece of the cartridge, you activate the battery that is connected to a heater (or vaporizer) than turns the liquid inside into an aerosol or vapour. These liquids can be changed and swapped and contain nicotine, different flavours, glycol, glycerol, propylene and other chemicals.

Once the liquid is turned into a vapor it comes back through the mouthpiece where the user inhales. This processing is commonly known as vaping.

What’s the deal with them?

The past couple of years has seen a massive rise in popularity for e-cigarettes. In the United States, the industry brings in more than $1 billion USD. While they are very popular amongst the youth of the world, a large portion of the user base are adults who are former smokers trying to satisfy their nicotine addiction.

The e-liquids themselves that are used to administer the nicotine are very debatable amongst many countries in the world. Some states in America prohibit the sale of these products to minors while in Australia it is illegal to sell or use and liquids with nicotine in them as they are classified as a poison, it is, however, legal to import these liquids if you are in compliance with the Therapeutic Goods Personal Importation Scheme that requires a medical prescription.

What is an e-liquid?

E-liquid is the name given to the liquids that are turned into vapour when you inhale an e-cigarette. They don’t always have to contain nicotine either with this coming down to your personal preference if you want it or not. They also come in a variety of different nicotine strengths and flavours which again comes down to the users’ personal preference.

These liquids come in cartridges or bottles to be placed inside the device. Cartridges are used in closed system variants that can’t be filled up from the bottled variant. They are easy to install as they are screw operated where you simply screw the cartridge into your device.

Open system e-cigarettes aren’t compatible with cartridges and instead need to be refilled from a bottle. Before use, a small amount of the e-liquid should be placed on the clearomiser of the device so that it can function.

Is e-liquid dangerous

Many studies debate and talk about nicotine’s effect on the brain and body, so we’re going to avoid that topic. Instead, we’re going to talk about the e-liquid itself and the steps you should take when using it. These liquids can be harmful if they come into contact with your bare skin. More so they are incredibly toxic to aquatic life if they are exposed to these liquids. It is highly recommended that vapers wash their hands thoroughly before handling anything to do with the environment.

E-liquids are designed to be vaporized and shouldn’t be consumed. If it comes into contact with your skin, you should wash it off immediately. If you have any adverse effects or feel unwell after it comes into contact with your skin, you contact a medical professional as soon as possible.

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