We have over 50 different 100% pure Tobacco flavours for you to choose from, made right here in the UK and free from contaminants.

Made with pure 100% Naturally Extracted Tobacco extract we have some of the finest pure NET Tobacco flavours in the world.

About our 100% Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquid

The Process

Sourcing the worlds best Pure uncut Tobacco leaves is no easy process. There are literally hundreds of different variations of raw leaf each with its very own flavour profile and characteristic.

Choosing the correct flavours for production requires knowledge of our customer base as well as the nose to sniff out the most ripest of Leaf for texture, taste and purity.

Natural Extracted & Artificial Tobacco

Many Tobacco E-liquids use synthetic tobacco flavorings produced in a laboratory. These types of flavors have their place in the market and in Tobacco E-liquid, but in our opinion, they fail to capture the true essence of tobacco flavors and the many available and different varieties.


The extraction process is the easy part. This consists of chopping or grinding the Pure Tobacco leaves so that all the goodness of the Tobacco is set free. Each batch is then weighed to a specific amount, documented then added to our unique steeping containers. By adding 100% pure PG to the Tobacco leaf mix, this is where the magic starts to begin.


The steeping process really depends on the Louisiana Perique with Rum Tobacco Leaf. Some Tobacco leaves can take a very short time to steep, others can take up to 12 months until all that Tobacco flavour goodness is ready for filtration.


For Bestcigliquid’s 100% Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquid, we use a process called ‘Cold Maceration’. This allows the Tobacco Leaf to reach its true potential before filtering. Cold Maceration is a steeping process we use to extract all the amazing Tobacco goodness from the Tobacco Leaf.

Once the Louisiana with Rum Natural Extracted Tobacco mixture is ready for filtering we use a filtering process. This filtering process requires us to more than triple filter the pure Tobacco flavour. Extracting all the flavour and leaving behind any unwanted particles and debris.

The filtering process can take up to 2 weeks to fully filter, leaving only the best and purest 100% Naturally Extracted Tobacco flavour.

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