Every baby cries. As distressing as it may be not to be able to name the reason why the child does not stop crying, it is important to remember that this behavior is not out of the ordinary. Quite the contrary, completely healthy babies are able to cry for between one and three hours a day, without anything wrong. Babies cry because crying is the only way the baby has to communicate their needs and over time it is possible for mothers and fathers to note the distinction between the types of crying.

Most Common Reasons why Babies Cry?

1. I’m hungry

Hunger is the number one reason for a newborn to cry. Because the stomach is too small, the baby cannot handle very large amounts of milk and is constantly hungry. The younger the baby, the greater chance of crying out of hunger. In addition, it is common in the first few months to have difficulty in suckling, because he is still learning how to suck milk.

2. I’m sleepy

Not every time you’re tired the baby will be able to close his eyes and take a nap. When sleep does not come, it is common for him to demonstrate tiredness with more irritability and restlessness, which makes it even more difficult for him to sleep and easier to cry.

3. My belly hurts

With an immature digestive system, it is normal for the baby to cry with colic because of gas because it is difficult to poop or even because of reflux.

4. I want to belch

When the babies cry after breastfeeding it may mean that a burp may be reluctant to leave.

5. My coat is dirty

There are babies who want to be changed as soon as their fake gets dirty, especially if their skin is irritated.

6. My tooth is being born.

Birth of teeth is a time consuming process that bothers some babies. To identify if that’s where the crying is coming from, try to feel his gums with your fingers. The first toes usually appear between 4 and 7 months, but can arrive well before or well after.

7. I need attention

Lack of stimulation can also cause discomfort; some babies do not like the dark and stay calmer in contact with people, watching the movement.

8. Oh Hot, so Cold

Newborns are not accustomed to air contact on the skin. The strangeness is enough to get you weeping while you are naked, during the swap or bath. On the other hand, excessive heat is also cause for discomfort.

9. I want to

Many babies need physical contact to feel safe. Faced with a reality different from the one she experienced inside her mother, feeling the warmth of her skin, hearing the heart and being wrapped in her parents’ lap are ways to comfort the longing of the uterus.

10. Everything is bothering me

Dr. Shwetha Priyadarshini – Consultant Neonatal and Pediatric Surgeon explains as everything is very new, any detail outside of what is familiar can generate discomfort to the baby. For example, diaper creases, tight clothing, hair strands attached to your body are discomforts that are likely to be expressed through crying.

11. I’m not feeling well

All of the above can justify why babies cry, but another factor that should not be ruled out is that the little one may be in pain. At such times the cry tends to change, assuming another tone. On the other hand, for a baby who cries a lot, the silence may be the sign that there is something wrong. The most important thing to remember is that you know your child better than anyone else.


I have shared eleven major reasons regarding why babies cry. I hope these reasons would be beneficial for you to come to a solution when any of your babies cry.

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