In case you are suffering from a significant tooth loss, or if you are completely toothless, you have probably already thought about your jaw restoration options. Maybe you have even come across the term all on 4. We understand that undergoing such a procedure is a big step, hence we would like to make it easier. In this article, you will find most important information on where to start and how to prepare yourself for your cheap all on 4 in Poland

Find Professional Dentist and Choose the Materials

First of all, you have to answer yourself the question, whether you would like to have the all on 4 procedure done in your home country or abroad. If you decide on coming to Poland, you can save over 50%. Furthermore, we are working with the best specialists across Europe, so you can be sure that you will be well taken care of. Everything looks good? Now you just have to decide on the material you would like to be used for your all on 4. Get in touch with Dental Travel Poland to choose the best material and your dentist.

Choose the City where You want to have Your All on 4 Poland

Coming to Poland is a great idea, not only because of the cheap prices but also it is known to be a beautiful country, which is definitely worth visiting. During the course of your treatment, you can go for sightseeing and get to know the rich polish culture and delicious polish food. We are providing our services in multiple dental clinics in Poland, so you can choose the city that suits you best. Contact us to get more information on how to book the appointment in our clinic!

Stop Drinking and Smoking Before All on 4 in Poland

It is clear that smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are not the best idea before any kind of health-related procedure or surgery. As the all on 4 treatment is performed in your mouth and demands some healing time after the implants are installed, unquestionably you should refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking at least 2 weeks before the implantation. Of course, you should also do your best to reduce smoking after the procedure.

Do not worry, we will Take Care of You

In case of any fear of coming abroad for the procedure, we are always here to help you! Dental Travel Poland is offering an all-inclusive package, which will allow you to not worry about anything besides your smile! Our taxi driver will pick you up from the airport and will take you to the clinic and the hotel, which will be also booked by us. For our patients there are 3 and 4-star hotels available, with breakfast included. If you decide to contact Dental Travel Poland you can absolutely sure, that you are in good hands.

We are hoping that this article was useful in regard to preparing yourself for a cheap all on 4 in Poland. If you have more questions – feel free to contact Dental Travel Poland. We will do everything to help you and guide you all the way to your new, beautiful smile

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