Klover Releaf, founded in 2017 is one of the largest wholesalers of Kratom in the U.S. Among its competitors, Klover is more loved by the users.

Getting a quality product in today’s Kratom market seems very difficult. Various Kratom merchants guarantee to offer quality items, though they either deliver low-quality products.

Most vendors have changed other products to Kratom. Some have mixed different ingredients in the Kratom to increase its quantity.

In this review, you will find essential knowledge of Klover Releaf, the bonuses, different products, and the proper laboratory test of quality for their products.

This will help you, and all the other Kratom users to distinguish the original product and enjoy the Klover Releaf services.


Klover Releaf is known for the best products in the market. Klover offers three categories of products.

1) Kratom Powder

Kratom powder at Klover is collected for maturity and potency. Each Kratom strain is lab tested to ensure quality. Klover is pleased to have its partners across the globe that provides the right leaf to main consistency. You have various options to choose your Kratom powder.

From 100% genuine strains to innovative blends which are both prominent among our customers, you are certain to get a perfect leaf from Klover. Kratom powder is available in these three strains:

  • Green Strain Kratom
  • Red Strain Kratom
  • White Strain Kratom

2) Kratom Pills

The staff at Klover separates the stems and veins and after that grinds the leaf into a fine, floury powder. After a cleanliness procedure, Kratom powder is filled into capsules. About 650mg of quality powder is filled into each capsule.

  • Green Strain Kratom
  • Red Strain Kratom
  • White Strain Kratom

3) Kratom Tincture

A tincture (Liquid Kratom) at Klover is made with Green Maeng Da Strain.

Klover Lab Testing

Health and safety of customers is the top priority of Klover. It will never be compromised when Kratom is put through strenuous lab tests.

Lab tests are shared on the official website, and they guarantee you that all of their products contain pure Kratom leaf.

In order to get the most accurate results, Klover chooses Columbia Food, which is one of the highly reputable international labs. It has demonstrated it is the best resource for some of the best organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, which require testing.

What Klover Do With Negative Lab Testing?

In the event that due to some unknown reason the Kratom we have had tested has negative results will never be sold to customers.

Lab Testing Results

The Kratom at Klover is 100% pure and contains no Salmonella, E-coli, or different pathogens. They additionally ensure there are no synthetic properties, for example, pesticides. They try for the cleanest Kratom leaf to deliver to their customers.

Coupon Code

The Klover Releaf Kratom is offering a coupon code for our readers. Please use the code “mvb20” to get 20% discount with free shipping if spent over $20.

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In view of the accessible data on Kratom Klover site, we have provided you a brief review to help you understand their products and services better. We want you to experience the maximum benefits on consuming their products.

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