The online Kratom industry has evolved and multiplied during the past few years, and so have the number of con sites. It is very important and highly recommended to be alert and extremely careful when buying Kratom online.

At first, it was only about the high price, but nowadays, selling colored powder under the name of Kratom has become very normal. Since Kratom contains a lot of curative and therapeutic properties that alleviate bodily pains and ease off nausea, anxiety, and respiratory illnesses, people find it easier to manipulate Kratom users into buying fake Kratom at a very high cost.

Kratom has been used by the multitude as traditional medicine since the nineteenth century. It is sometimes very difficult to locate vendors who sell Kratom in its purest form without the addition of impurities and at a good price. Well, there’s good news for all the people who’re looking for a reliable, easy to use the online website for Kratom.

Overview of Otie’s Botanicals

Otie’s Botanical’s website is largely used for the vending of Kratom. It’s well-known for its high-quality products, its user-friendly website, and its wide range of products.

Otie’s Botanicals has worked hard in creating a name of its known in the Kratom industry online and has been successful in doing so. Its products have a lot of positive effects on the body, which promote physical endurance and welfare.

There are pictures and enough descriptions provided alongside the products on the website so that the purchasers can visually double-check if it’s the same product that they’re looking for. This is great for beginners who don’t have to do a lot of research before visiting the website as compared to other websites that do not provide a lot of detail.

Lab Test Report and GMP certification

Before the consumption of any product, it is better to have a complete know-how of its contents and if they are safe to use. It should also be confirmed that the products are free from any type of impurities and chemicals.

One way of testing it is by making sure that the products go through certain lab tests that ensure further safety. It’s a treat to hear that Otie’s Botanicals, putting the safety and well-being of its customers at front makes sure that all its products undergo particular lab tests which use biological, biochemical, molecular and chemical methods for the detection of impurities encouraging further security.

Even though Otie’s Botanicals is not GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice ) certified, but is completely focused on becoming one in the nearest future to produce the best products which are verified for its customers.

Are they making false medical claims on their blog or product descriptions?

One thing that makes a website authentic is how honest they are with their customers. Otie’s Botanicals does not give any guarantee of the effects from the usage of its products. It does not make any false medical claims or give any justifications for the effect of Kratom.

The website also briefs that all the products do not intend to prevent, cure, or treat any type of illness or disease. It also gives a heads up for you to consult your doctor or physician before using any product to confirm if it’s safe for your health or not. It strictly prohibits pregnant and nursing women from using these products.

The effects and speeds of Kratom use are also mentioned on the website so that the customers know if they want to use the fast, slow or moderate leaves depending on its effect. This assures that the website giving this much detail must be reliable.

Otie’s Botanicals does not make any false claims but instead provides all the required and excess information under the descriptions as well as in the FAQ’s.

Are they selling with false Kratom names?

Since Kratom products have an immense range with all their stains and veins, it is important to have exact knowledge about the product and its identification because one product used under a wrong name can be significantly dangerous for your life and health.

It can cause multiple health problems and disturb your body to function properly. It is important to make sure that the products that you’re using are manufactured and displayed under the original name so that you don’t have to suffer afterward.

You would be happy to know that Otie’s Botanicals provides the best quality products and herbs under their original name, which is 100% true. The fact that has been checked by its customers, all of them satisfied with their purchases, it is confirmed that Otie’s Botanicals sells Kratom under their correct names.

Customer feedback on social sites

It is said that an honest review helps the masses to make a choice. Any review, good or bad, helps the purchasers decide if the website and its products work in their favor or not. With the help of social media, it has become easier to check if a product is recommended by a lot of people or not. It is better to learn from other people rather than trying and testing personally.

You can check for reviews and ratings for different products on the website of Otie’s Botanicals under Otie’s Community and Reviews.

For Otie’s Botanicals, people highly praised the efficiency and the quick response by the company in delivering the package. They also talked about how they saved money up-to $30 as compared to their usual vendor. And of course, they talked about the best quality products, which Otie’s Botanicals is actually known for. They also mentioned how they were impressed by their generosity of sending a free sample along with the purchase.

Apart from that, there is also some constructive criticism for the website to improve their way of interaction with its customers and for the vendor to be active and responsive if someone needs more elaboration regarding the description of the products.

You can also be a part of the Kratom Assistance Program by following the steps given on the website.

Is the vendor active on social media?

Sometimes, the product display and description are not enough for you to feel satisfied with the product. You might have questions like where it was extracted from and how many steps were taken from the extraction to the packaging. For these types of queries, it is important to look out for the vendors themselves so that they can clarify the confusion or question.

The vendors at Otie’s Botanicals provide a form for their customers so that they can reach out to them and give them a time period of 24 hours to expect a response. Adam and Becca at Otie’s Botanicals try their best to address and explain anything that’s not understandable.

Prices as compared to its competitors

Since Kratom is highly used around the world, people know that it’s high in demand. But they sometimes also try to rip you off even if the Kratom that they’re selling is genuine.

You need to ask yourself some questions before investing your money, like is it worth the price? Is it in my budget if I become a regular customer? Is the quantity worthy of the price?

Well, the prices at Otie’s Botanicals are comparatively inexpensive to its fellow vendors in the Kratom industry. The prices start from $8 and go up to over $100 depending on the type of packet you chose. This quantity fills in for any of what you think is been taken extra.

The quality and the quantity both explain for themselves and are worth every single penny invested. It is better to spend more and get quality products that have a wholesome effect rather than spending money on cheaper stuff and not getting the desired effect.

Do they offer return back guarantee?

Every company has its own return policies, which are justified due to multiple orders being placed every day. Otie’s Botanicals offers return and exchange guarantee of products under certain circumstances. The product should be sent back, and the company informed seven days of delivery.

The product sent back should be the same one, unopened and unused at any cost. Since the products are not heat resistant, they should be firm, and the seal should be maintained at all time. The tracking number should also be provided to the company.

Shipping and payment options

The shipping and payment methods are clearly defined on the website of Otie’s Botanicals. There are different payment methods, including e-check and PMC, where you can easily use your credit card or debit card for making a purchase.

The good news is that all the information on the website is SSL ( secure sockets layer ) secured, which means all the information that you enter will be extremely confidential and secure.

For shipment, only USPS is used. They ship Monday-Friday, and what’s exciting is that all orders placed before 9 AM EST ought to be shipped the same day!

There are different options for different orders. Small orders can use First Class, which is the cheapest. Priority Mail and Express Mail can also be used depending on the weight of the product.

Key varieties they are selling

There is an extensive range of Kratom products and herbs sold by Otie’s Botanicals to put all your issues to curb. All of the products used at Otie’s are of high quality and are top-notch when it comes to their effect. Kratom is divided under the headings of four types of main leaf’s which are White Leaf, Red Leaf, Yellow, and Golden Leaf and Green Leaf.

For its customer’s easiness, there are Kratom Beginner Packs and Split A Kilo option to chose from so that you can add multiple strains of your choice under one kilo.

There are also stem and vein which have the perfect alkaloid balance to provide for your bodily need.

There are different herbs also available in the form of capsules and powders to relieve any sort of discomfort and uncomfortable feeling.

Final verdict

From the best products verified from its customers to the efficiency of delivery and ease of using its website, Otie’s Botanicals has it all. It also provides multiple options for shipment under USPS and easy payment options as well. The prices are extremely reasonable and go hand in hand with the quality and quantity of all of its products.

It is safe to say that Oties Botanicals is highly recommended for all the Kratom purchasers looking for original and authentic vendors that provide Kratom in its purest form, with all its types all under one roof.

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