Are you a vape user? Do you vape while driver? Do you face difficulty vaping while driving? If the answer to all these questions is “yes,” do not worry Vapor-Lok has it covered for you.

Vapor-Lok is a helpful approach to place and secures your e-cigarette devices in the vehicle. It is an innovative E-Cigarette Holder for most of the vehicles.

For quite a long time, people have realized a desire for some holder in the vehicle to place their e-cigarette. Various problems were faced by the vape users like leakage of e-juice, vapor falling and breaking, getting lost, etc. Some holders were already available for purchase, but none of them was various fit models of e-cigarettes.

The difficulties to structuring, creating and assembling such vape holder were many. Despite many problems in the manufacturing process, Vapor-Lok has designed such an impressive e-cigarette holder for your Mod.

 Why is Vapor-Lok best?


The E-cigarette is costly; you will need Vapor-Lok for its protection. It will keep it from falling onto the floor of the vehicle, sparing it from breakage.

Used for many vehicles

The holder fits in more than 98% of the vehicles.

Holds Most Models

Vape Mod holder made by Vapor-Lok is the only e-cigarette holder which can hold the most models of e-cigarettes available till today.

Quick Fitting

Fitting takes 30 seconds! Yes, only 30 seconds. Just join the holder to the bracket and embed the tab of the bracket between your window glass and its molding.

Portable Holder

The holder of Vapor-Lok is portable. You don’t have to fix it with screw or glue. You can conveniently take your e-cigarette holder from one vehicle to another.

How to Fix the Mod Holder?

The Vapor-Lok mounts easily to your door panel without the use of any tool. Attach the bracket to the back of the holder either the upper or lower position by sliding the tabs located on the brackets into the slots on the back of the holder. Slide the tag of the bracket and now attach the holder down into the channel between your window glass and its molding. You can slide the bracket and holder along the window panel into the most convenient position. It will keep the holder and the mod out of the way of the driver.

Made To Last

Vapor-Lok is made of durable and flexible thermoplastic material which provides ease of insertion and removal of the mod from the holder and will last for years.

Problem Solver

The Vapor-Lok solves a variety of problems faced by vape users using their mods in their vehicles. E-juice leakage is a huge problem for users keeping their mods in their vehicles, lost e-juice and hard to get off stains from their carpet or seats. It solves these problems by a vertical holder and not allowing to fall out even when you open or close the door.

In my personal opinion, I am impressed with the innovation of the Vapor-Lok and think that users will enjoy the level of convenience for quite a long time. Follow this link to find out more:

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